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AIST Steel Intern Scholar FAQs

Q.  What is an AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarship?

The Steel Intern Scholarship provides recipients with a paid summer internship at a steel producing or steel-related company, followed by a US$6,000 scholarship award for the next academic year beginning in the fall. The AIST Foundation awards up to thirty (30) Steel Intern Scholarships per year, including the Premier Scholar that is awarded to the highest scoring applicant. The Steel Intern Premier Scholarship is an award of US$12,000

Q.   Why is an internship important?

  • An internship provides real-world experience, allowing you to transfer your classroom education to a practical environment. AIST Foundation internships help students decide their career path upon graduation, as well as allowing companies to determine if they want to hire the intern.

  • Internships within the steel industry tend to pay very well, allowing you to earn money for your upcoming year’s expenses.

  • Steel and steel-related companies generally provide housing or a stipend toward housing, allowing you to keep the money you earn.

Q.   Do I need to find an internship before applying for the scholarship?

No. If selected, we will work with you to find a company that suits your needs.

Q.   What happens if I am selected as a Steel Intern Scholar?

You will be contacted by AIST Foundation staff. We will help match you with a company in accordance with your interests and location preferences.

Q.   Can I find my own internship?

Yes. However, the AIST Foundation must approve the company. Please remember that it must be a steel producing or steel-related company.

Q.   I live outside of North America, can I apply for a Steel Intern Scholarship?

At this point, the AIST Foundation is only able to place citizens of North America in intern positions at North American-based companies and facilities.

Q.   What if I already have an internship lined up for next summer at the time I apply for an AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarship?    

  • Before accepting the Steel Intern Scholarship, the AIST Foundation must approve the company. If you apply for the Steel Intern Scholarship and accept an internship from outside the industry, you will be disqualified from consideration for the internship.

  • You will also be disqualified from consideration if you rescind an accepted offer of internship from within the program.

Q.   What if my internship does not go so well or if my spring transcripts dip below 2.5 GPA?

  • Your scholarship will be discontinued if we receive an unsatisfactory internship report from your direct supervisor, or if your spring semester GPA drops below a 2.5.

Q.   What should I expect during my internship?

  • Working in your field of interest on projects.

  • Working with and meeting experienced mentors.

  • Applying the knowledge you have learned at your university in a real-world setting.