Technology Committees

Cold Sheet Rolling and Sensor Systems Subcommittee Technology Committee Joint Meeting

21–22 January 2020 • Walnut Creek Marriott Pittsburg, CA, USA

Tour of USS POSCO       

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Hotel Arrangements

Walnut Creek Marriott
2355 North Main Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Reserve by 30 December for AIST Room Rate of $169
For reservations, book online

AIST technology committee members are asked to print out the latest revised meeting agenda from our website one week prior to this meeting.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 – Walnut Creek Marriott

8 a.m.

1. Chair’s opening remarks  
2.  Appoint minute-taker
3. Antitrust guidelines
4. Membership and attendance
5. Review minutes of previous meeting
6. AIST Staff Announcements
7.  AIST Steel Industry Fatalities

Main agenda items


Finalize AISTech sessions

  • Papers due to AIST (18 February)

  • Author Registration deadline (1 March)

  • Presentation Draft Due in to AIST (18 March)


Finalize committee roundup – Ken Hutter (Belden-Hutter)


Cold Sheet Rolling Technology Training Conference Review – Brian Smith (Andritz)


Leadership Conference Review - Brian Smith (Andritz)


Young professional recruitment subcommittee – Liz Hunter (Nucor)


Discussion items (20-30 min non-commercial presentations)

a.    Safety Presentation – USS Posco – Freddy Ripoli (USS Posco)

b.    Side Trim Quality: 
i.    How to Manage and Improve Side Trim Quality AHSS – Brian Shaw (ANDRITZ ASKO Inc.) 

ii.    Visual System of Sidewall Quality – Eric Almquist (Star Tool & Die Works, Inc)

c.    Alternative Options of Chrome Plating of Work Rolls, Coating Technology for Work Roll Applications – Dr. Amy Haghdoost (Maxterial)

d.    Lubrication and Rolling of AHSS – William Hartley (Quaker Houghton)

e.    Shape Control in 6 High Mills – (Andritz, Primetals, Mark Zipf – SMS confirmed) 

f.    Application of Laser Technologies for Laser Welding and Coil Joining – Deni Bellai (Hugo Miebach Gmbh)


Update on USS POSCO
a.    USS Posco Company & Process Overview – Alonza Lewis (USS Posco)
b.    USS Posco Tin Plating Process Overview – Markus Boro (USS Posco)


Next meeting
During AISTech 2020 in Cleveland, OH on Monday, 4 May at noon.


Chair conclusion

5 p.m.


Wednesday, 22 January 2020 – USS POSCO

9 a.m.

Carpool and meet at USS POSCO
PPE requirements:
-    Long sleeves
-    Long pants
-    Closed toed shoes