Technology Committees

Cranes Technology Committee Meeting

4–5 February 2020 • Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino • Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
3667 S Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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AIST technology committee members are asked to print out the latest revised meeting agenda from our website one week prior to this meeting.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Electrical Subcommittee Meeting – TR-11

(If you don’t want to participate with the subcommittee defer to the afternoon CTC meeting schedule)

7 a.m.


8 a.m.

1. Chair’s opening remarks                                                                                        

2.  Appoint minute-taker

3. AIST antitrust and anti-harassment compliance review

Main agenda items


Electrical Subcommittee (Cullen Ketcham)

  • Technical Report No. 11

    • Restate desired outcome of review process

    • Reports or status of assigned revisions from Volunteered members

    • Determine if more revision work is needed and timetable if applicable

    • Roadblocks or issues with reasonable completion target

Cranes Technology Committee Meeting



1 p.m.

1. Chair’s opening remarks              

2. Appoint minute-taker

3. AIST antitrust and anti-harassment compliance review


Membership and attendance


Review minutes of previous meeting


AIST Staff Announcements

Main agenda items


TR7 & TR11 subcommittees progress report


Charlie Totten Innovator Award

  • Innovator Award Champion presentations

  • Innovator Award voting


2020 Crane Symposium Update

  • June 7th through June 9th in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Critique and improvement discussion

  • Call for papers?

  • Committee comments


2021 Crane Symposium discussion

  • Can Symposium not start on Sunday?

  • Location choices for Symposium?

  • Discussion around getting attendees to stay through end of 2nd day


AISTech 2020

  • Session development status and committee comments

    • Mark McGinley – Chair

    • ?

    •  ?

  • Papers due to AIST (15 February)

  • Author Registration deadline (1 March)

  • Presentation Draft Due in to AIST (15 March)

  • Re-emphasize the role of Session Chair and Papers Chair


Technical Report Status

  • TR 6 - printed and available

  • TR 1, 1A

  • TR 4 – Alloy Sling Chains

  • TR 7 – Ladle Hooks (requires update)

  • TR 8 – Insulated Conductors for Mill Motors (printed in 2008)

  • TR 11 – Mill Motor Brakes (Requires update)

  • Maint, Insp and Repair Guide - printed and available


Discussion items


Next meeting - May 2020 Cleveland, OH


Chair conclusion

5 p.m.


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

8 a.m.

Tour of T-Mobile Arena

  • Special tour given by facility manager

  • $30 fee per tour participant