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Digitalization Applications Technology Committee Meeting

21–22 February 2022Aloft Mountain View • Silicon Valley, CA USA

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Tour of Microsoft Facility

AIST technology committee members are asked to print out the latest revised meeting agenda from our website one week prior to this meeting

Monday 21 February - Location Hotel

03:00 p.m.

1. Chair’s opening remarks – Jim Hendrickson, Cleveland Cliffs Burns Harbor
2. Appoint minute-taker
3. Antitrust guidelines
4. Membership and attendance
5. Review minutes of previous meeting
6. AIST Staff Announcements
7. AIST Steel Industry Fatalities

Main agenda items

  • Finalize AISTech sessions – Papers Chair Bryan Beard, TMEIC Corporation Americas

    • Papers due to AIST (15 February)

    • Author Registration deadline (1 March)

    • Presentation Draft Due in to AIST (15 March)

    • Re-emphasize the role of Session Chair and Papers Chair

  • Nominations for committee officers

    • Chair

    • Vice Chair

    • Papers Chair

    • YP Chair

  • Technology Training conference – Digital Transformation Forum

  • Discuss AIST Digital Transformation Subcommittee – Tyler Campbell

  • Young professional recruitment subcommittee – Michael Peintinger, Smart Steel Technologies


Discussion items


Next meeting – Monday 16 May, AISTech 16-19 May 2022, Pittsburgh PA. Room #

06:00 p.m.

Chair conclusion

Tuesday, 22 February 


Microsoft Silicon Valley 
Address: 1045 La Avenida St
Mountain View, CA 94034

Below is a map showing how to access the visitor parking lot entrance as well as a photo of our visitor parking lot entrance.

8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Meeting at Microsoft 

  1. Neural network and deep learning technologies on vision systems for a more reliable visual billet tracking - Gianluca Maccani, President & CTO, Polytec USA

  2. Artificial Intelligence in Automated Surface Inspection Classification of Defects - Greg Gutmann, Account Manager - Metals, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC, INC

  3. Identifying humans relative to threats using AI to evaluate video - Eric Almquist, Star Tool & Die Works


Presentations by Microsoft

  1. 11:00 AM PST: Experience Center Strategy Overview (Pedro Rivera)

  2. 11:30 AM PST: Hockey Bot Demo (Stefanie Jacobs)

Noon – 01:00 p.m.

Lunch at Microsoft Facility   

01:00-04:00 p.m.

Presentations by Microsoft (continued) 

1.  1:00 PM PST: Project Bonsai Team                        

06:00 p.m.