Technology Committees

Long Products Technology Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 29 June 2021Music City Center, Room 105A • Nashville, TN USA

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1. Chair’s opening remarks—Chris Petriefa
2. Appoint minute-taker
3. Review antitrust compliance guidelines – AIST staff
4. Membership and attendance
5. Review minutes of previous meeting – Doug Durand
6. AIST Staff Announcements – AIST staff

Main agenda items

  • Safety Discussion

    • Attendees are asked to be discuss any new safety projects going on around their mills that would be beneficial to the group

  • Review Mission Statement

    • To provide forums on long product rolling to learn about new and current technologies, discuss safe operating and maintenance practices, as well as network with industry professionals of all disciplines.

  • Board of Director Level Awards Nominations for Distinguished Member and Fellow, Sendzimir Award, Fairless Award and Steelmaker of the Year nominations

  • Long Products Roundup update

  • Long Products Study Reciprocal Tour

  • 2021 Long Products Training Recap

  • 2022 Long Products Training Planning

  • Nucor Frostproof is first choice with Gerdau Cartersville as backup

  • Elect New Officers

    • Nominees are:

    • Chair - Chris Petrie

    • Vice Chair - Doug Durand

    • Papers Chair – Patrick Peek

    • Education Chair - Kevin Barbee

    • Roundup Chair - Joe Kennedy

    • Members Chair - Jerry Herrmann

    • Young Professional Chair – Sam Stone

    • Digital Transformation Chair – Antonio Ambra

  • Present Chair Plaques

    • 2019-2020 – Jerry Herrmann

    • 2020-2021 – Chris Petrie


Discussion items
<meeting topic and presentation to be filled in by Committee Chair>


Next meeting

  • Fall 2021 meeting location and topic?

  • Winter 2022 meeting location and topic?


Chair conclusion

1:00 p.m.

Adjourn - Lunch will be served following the meeting. Photos of award winners & chairs with officers of committee and awards committees.