Technology Committees

Metallurgy — Processing, Products & Applications Technology Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 30 June 2021Music City Center, Room 107A • Nashville, TN USA

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12:30 p.m.

1. Chair’s opening remarks –Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO
2. Appoint minute-taker
3. Antitrust guidelines
4. Membership and attendance - members (246 members 3 March 2021)
5. Review minutes of previous meeting - Virtual Spring Meeting, 3 March 2021 
6. AIST Staff Announcements

Main agenda items


  • Present Technology Committee awards

  • All Metallurgy Awards will be presented at the MS&T21 Conference.
    2020 Metallurgy Awards:

    • Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecturer, Dr. Nina Fonstein “Effects of Retained Austenite Stability and Microstructure Refinement on Properties of Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steels”

    • Jerry Silver Award - Effect of Liquid Metal Embrittlement on Mechanical Behavior of Advanced High Strength Steel Spot Welds at Ambient and Low Temperatures

    • Authors: Kayla M. Molnar, Mattew L.S. Zappulla, John G. Speer, Kip O. Findley
      Colorado School of Mines

    • Gilbert R. Speich Award - Study on the Effect of Alloying Element for Microstructure Control With Excellent Fire Resistance and Anti-Earthquake Performance

    • Richard J. Fruehan Award - An Automated Quantitative Assessment of Slab Centerline Segregation using Image Analysis

  • 2021 Metallurgy Awards:

    • Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecturer

    • Jerry Silver Award

    • Gilbert R. Speich Award

    • Richard J. Fruehan Award

  • Review Mission Statement

    • MISSION: To advance the knowledge of ferrous metallurgy and support the global ferrous metallurgy community by providing forums for the exchange of information and ideas.

  • Nominations for Board of Director Level Awards—Distinguished Member and Fellow, Sendzimir Award, Fairless Award and Steelmaker of the Year nominations

  • Develop committee objectives for next year

    • Fall Meeting Location. MS&T21 Conference, at the Greater Columbus Center in Columbus OH on Tuesday 19th October 2021 at Noon-2 pm.

  • Conferences:

    • International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products,12–15 July 2021, Virtual Conference

    • Secondary Steelmaking Refractories Fundamentals, 5–7 October 2021, The DoubleTree by Hilton Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

    • Digitalization Applications Fundamentals Training, 12–13 October 2021, Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, Cleveland, OH USA.

    • MS&T21 Conference, 17-21 October, Greater Columbus Center in Columbus OH.

    • The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101, 3–4 November 2021, Embassy Suites by Hilton Fort Worth Downtown, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

    • ICS (Steelmaking/Casting), Portland, 2nd week Aug 2022

    • ICRF (Ingots), Pittsburgh, week of 21-23 June 2022

    • AHSS (Sheet) Keystone June 2023

    • International Plate Conference, June 2024   

    • Austenite Formation Decomposition (AFD), Stockholm, KTH, 17 June 2024

  • Webinars:
    Decarbonizing the Blast Furnace Webinar - The first webinar was held May 6th at 10:30 am eastern time and was themed ‘Decarbonizing Background and Current BF Fuel Strategies’
    The second webinar was scheduled June 10th at 10:30 am eastern time and was themed ‘H2 Injection into the Blast Furnace’. Available for on-demand replay on AIST’s website.
    Eastern States Blast Furnace and Coke Oven Conference 2022.

  • Elect New Officers

    • Chair - Chirag Mahimkar, BRS

    • Vice Chair (MS&T21 Representative) – Dan Baker, GM

    • MS&T 2022 Representative– Siddhartha Biswas, BRS

    • Papers Chair – Shannon Clarke, AM

    • DTS – TBD

    • Awards Chair - Charles Matthew Enloe, CBMM

    • YP Chair – Ana Araujo, CBMM

  • Present Chair Plaques

  • 2019/2020
    Chair: Justin Raines, SSAB Iowa Inc
    Chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.


Discussion items

  1. ICS (Steelmaking/Casting) Conference, Portland, 2nd week of Aug 2022

  2. ICRF (Ingots), Pittsburgh Conference, week of 21-23 June 2022


Next meeting - Tuesday 19th October 2021 at Noon-2 pm, at the MS&T21 Conference, Greater Columbus Center, Columbus, OH.


Chair conclusion

1:30 p.m.