Technology Committees

Metallurgy — Processing, Products & Applications Technology Committee Activities

The MPPATC held a virtual meeting 3 March 2021
Konstantin Redkin,
MPPATC chair, opened the meeting with a discussion about AIST Transactions, which are now available under the Journal Article Archive tab on the AIST Digital Library.
The committee reviewed the Steel Industry Fatalities Report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion.
The MPPATC then focused on its AISTech 2021 technical sessions. Papers chair Justin Raines gave an update on the 29 accepted papers, three pending papers and six sessions. The committee solicited backup session chairs.
The nominations for officers were solicited. It was noted that volunteers are needed for the papers chair and MS&T representative positions.
Joint Presentations With the Rolls Technology Committee:

  • “Rolling AHSS and Consequences on the Mill Equipment,” by Konstantin Redkin et al., WHEMCO.

  • “Challenges of Hot Rolling of Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades,” by Eugene Nikitenko, United States Steel Corporation.

  • “Mill Accidents/Safety (Part 1): Actions To Be Taken Regarding Roll Damage,” by Kyle Sims, Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor.

  • “Mill Accidents/Safety (Part 2): Actions To Be Taken Regarding Roll Damage Utilizing Special Blankets and Acoustic Emission Units,” by Sam Ternowchek, Mistras Group.

The MPPATC held a virtual meeting 24 November 2020.
The MPPATC started their meeting with a safety share discussion, including a review of the Steel Industry Fatalities statistics and a video presentation on rolling mill safety.
Papers chair Justin Raines reported on the six MPPATC sessions scheduled for AISTech 2021 and solicited volunteers for session chairs.
Awards chair Matt Enloe discussed 2021 committee award planning and encouraged members to submit applications for the AIST Board of Directors Awards.
The committee then reviewed plans for the 4th International Ingot Casting Rolling Forging (ICRF) Conference and the 8th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking (ICS).
The MPPATC went on to discuss the AIST Process Benchmarker® and recent requests for benchmarking key performance indicators (KPIs).
The committee then discussed the Digital Transformation Subcommittee Survey. The survey will be sent out to all MPPATC members to fill out individually.
MPPATC vice chair and MS&T20 chair Chirag Mahimkar gave a recap of the MS&T20 virtual conference, which took place 2–6 November 2020.
The committee concluded their meeting with a brainstorming session on ways to increase visibility of the technical articles published in AIST Transactions.

The MPPATC held a virtual meeting 29 April 2020.
The MPPATC began their meeting with a review and approval of the committee mission statement.
The committee plans to host a fall 2020 virtual meeting after AISTech 2020. The MPPATC also plans to organize a joint committee meeting for spring 2021.
The following new committee officers were elected for the 2020–2021 term:

  • Chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

  • Vice chair and MS&T20 chair: Chirag Mahimkar, Big River Steel.

  • MS&T21 chair: Daniel Baker, General Motors.

  • Papers chair: Justin Raines, SSAB Iowa Inc.

The committee discussed ideas for MS&T21 symposia. The following symposia proposals were suggested: pipe and tube metallurgy, advances in ferrous metallurgy, and line pipe and plate steel.

The MPPATC and PRTC met 3–4 March 2020, Greensboro, N.C., USA.
The committees began a joint meeting by finalizing their respective technical sessions for AISTech 2020.
Corey Ivey provided a summary of the Hot Sheet and Plate Rolling Fundamentals Technology Training conference that took place in October 2019. This conference utilized support and production by two technical committees (Hot Sheet Rolling and Plate Rolling) and was held this time in Michigan City, Ind., USA, so that attendees were able to enjoy bus tours of the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor mill.

  • “Insight to the Ferrous Physical Metallurgy Department at University of Pittsburgh,” by Isaac Garcia, University of Pittsburgh.

  • “Transmission Electron Microscope Advances,” by Roger Maddalena, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

  • “Equipment and Procedures for Laser Cutting Steel Plate,” by Brian Gibson, Amada America Inc.

The next day the group toured two facilities: Amada America Inc. and John Deere/Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp. Amada demonstrated live laser-
cutting procedures on full-scale equipment using multiple grades and thicknesses of steel samples. Questions from committee members revealed interest in defining features of “laser-cutting-grade plate,” even though non-standardized terminology is commonly used in the industry.
At the John Deere/Hitachi tour, the group found a vibrant and well-integrated joint venture between global producers of large excavator construction equipment. Finished excavators range in weight from 13 to more than 470 metric tons. Raw steel plate material enters the factory in both cut-to-length coil and discrete forms. Initial processing of the incoming material cuts shapes down to size using plasma-cutting beds, equipped with extensive environmental exhaust equipment installed for worker safety. Later in the production process, 70% of the in-process plate parts are joined with robotic welding.
At the end of the tour, the group was invited to walk the final assembly line, where they saw finished models, painted in partner-specific branding, rolling off the same assembly line.

1. PRTC chairman Eric Thokar (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Steven Keating (right), Amada America Inc., inside the machinery demonstration room at Amada. 2. MPPATC chair Justin Raines (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Bobby Williams (right), John Deere/Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp., for hosting the PRTC and MPPATC’s tour on 4 March 2020.

The MPPATC met 1 October 2019, Portland, Ore., USA, during MS&T19.
The MPPATC reviewed its AISTech technical session development. At the time of the meeting, a total of 27 papers had been submitted for the committee in addition to one jointly with the Metallurgy — Steelmaking & Casting Technology Committee. 
The committee discussed AIST’s upcoming training seminars. The MPPATC is organizing the International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products, to be held 12–16 July 2020 in Vail, Colo., USA. 
The Austenite Formation and Decomposition Conference (AF&D) will be held in Sweden in 2021. AIST’s representatives to the scientific committee are Matthias Militzer and Kester Clarke. Due to the timing of the ESTAD conference, which will be held 14–18 June 2021, it was suggested to postpone AF&D to July or August. 
Ron O’Malley, AIST’s president, discussed the paper indexing at AIST. Digital object identifier (DOI) indexing was implemented for the AISTech 2019 Conference Proceedings. The DOI number enables academia to receive credit for published student papers. O’Malley also discussed the strategy for peer review at AIST. 
The AIST representative for MS&T20 is Chirag Mahimkar from Big River Steel, with Daniel Baker from General Motors serving in this role for MS&T21. Baker solicited ideas for symposia for MS&T21. 
The 2019 MPPATC award winners were announced by Justin Raines:

  • Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture: “The Fascinating Variety of New Manganese Alloyed Steels,” by Wolfgang Bleck, IEHK Steel Institute of RWTH Aachen University.

  • Gilbert Speich Award: “Effect of M/A Constituent on the Mechanical Properties of Low-Carbon Microalloyed Steels,” by Dengqi Bai, Eric Lynch, Chase Rawlinson, Rick Bodnar and Steven Thompson.

  • Jerry Silver Award: “Inclusion Evolution Comparison of Aluminum-Killed Silicon-Bearing and Silicon-Restricted Grades,” by April Pitts-Baggett and Laurentiu Nastac.

  • Richard Fruehan Award: “Effect of Phase Solidification Sequence in Stainless Steel on Grain Refining Efficiency,” by Dustin Arvola, Ronald O’Malley, Simon Lekakh and Laura Bartlett.

Justin Raines and Konstantin Redkin presented the MPPATC’s Technology Committee Awards during MS&T19 in Portland, Ore., USA. 1. Jerry Silver Award (left to right): Raines, April Pitts-Baggett and Redkin. 2. Gilbert Speich Award (left to right): Redkin, Dengqi Bai and Raines. 3. Richard Fruehan Award (left to right): Raines, Ronald O’Malley and Redkin. 4. Wolfgang Bleck delivered the Adolf Martens Memorial Lecture.

The MPPATC met 7 May 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

Chair: Justin Raines, SSAB Iowa Inc.

Vice chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

Papers co-chairs: Damon Panahi, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor, and Rongjie Song, ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago

MS&T19 chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

The MPPATC and MSCTC met jointly 20–21 February 2019, Franklin, Tenn., USA.
The MPPATC and MSCTC reviewed the Steel Industry Fatalities report and held a safety roundtable discussion. 
The group discussed the AIST Transactions and whether papers submitted to AIST Transactions can be separated on the AIST Digital Library and whether these papers (and those presented at MS&T or AISTech) can be included in existing scientific citation systems. The current status of papers in the queue for publication was reviewed and the possibility of having an AIST Transactions paper included in Iron & Steel Technology on a monthly basis was suggested. The AIST Digital Library was also a point of discussion, along with the possibility of uploading more historical conference proceedings.
Alyssa Briere and Daniel Baker reviewed the current status of AISTech paper submissions. The responsibilities of session chair were reviewed. There are five MPPATC and six MSCTC sessions, with a total of 
53 papers. 
Damon Panahi of the MPPATC and Bryan Webler of the MSCTC will attend the AIST Digital Transformation Task Force meeting during AISTech 2019.
The group had the opportunity to visit the GM Spring Hill facility on the afternoon of 20 February. The tour included the assembly, body weld, stamping, powertrain and the finish car.  

The next day, the following presentations were given: 

  • “IQRS Round Robin Update,” by Sunday Abraham, SSAB Iowa Inc.

  • “Advanced Cleanliness Control in the 2nd Generation of PHS at ArcelorMittal,” by Hossein 

  • Seyedrezai, ArcelorMittal Global R&D.

  • “Cleanliness Effects on Bearing Steels,” by Peter Glaws, Timken Steel Corp.

  • “Cleanliness Analysis at SSAB Americas,” by Justin Raines, SSAB Iowa Inc.

  • “Effect of Residual Copper on Fatigue of Hyper­eutectoid Steels,” by Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines.

  • “Effects of Inclusions on Mechanical Properties/Toughness,” by Scott Story and Matt Merwin, 

  • U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center. 

  • “TiN Effects on Fracture in Press-Hardened Steels,” by Matt Enloe, CBMM North America

In the afternoon, the committees had the opportunity to visit Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC. The tour included the electric arc furnace, ladle, casting, rolling and finishing. 

Pallava Kaushik (left), MSCTC chair, and Matt Enloe (right), MPPATC chair, presented Michael Gruhn (center) with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the MPPATC’s and MSCTC’s tour of the GM Spring Hill Stamping/Steel Plant.
Matt Enloe (left) presented Justin Raines (right) with a plaque of appreciation for serving as MS&T18 organizing chair.

The MPPATC met 16 October 2018, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
After an overview of AIST activities, Dan Baker, papers chair, provided an update on the MPPATC sessions being planned at AISTech 2019.

Justin Raines, vice chair and the AIST representative to the MS&T18 Program Committee, provided an update on the AIST-sponsored sessions at MS&T18.  
Discussions held at the meeting included MS&T future plans, AIST and TMS working together on future conferences, and how AIST can provide the steel research community with a peer-reviewed journal of steel research. 
The meeting concluded with the presentation of the AIST Metallurgy Technology Division Best Paper Awards.

Ron Radzilowski presented the AIST Metallurgy Technology Division Best Paper Awards. 1. The Gilbert Speich Award, “Quenching and Partitioning of Plate Steel: Thermal Gradients and Microstructure Development During Quenching” by Amy J. Clarke, Emmanuel De Moor, John G. Speer, Rachael Stewart and Brian G. Thomas (left to right): Clarke, De Moor, Stewart, Radzilowski and Speer. 2. The Richard Freuhan Award, “Inclusion Evolution and Removal in Ladle Refining,” by Ronald J. O’Malley (left). 3. The Jerry Silver Award, “Inclusion Size Distributions After Calcium Addition in LCAK Steels,” by Mauro Elias Ferreira (left), Richard J. Fruehan and P. Chris Pistorius.
Emmanuel De Moor was presented with the MPPATC service plaque at AISTech 2018 (left to right): Dan Baker, Konstantin Redkin, De Moor, C. Matt Enloe and Chirag Mahimkar.

The MPPATC met 8 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: C. Matt Enloe, General Motors Co.

  • Vice chair: Justin Raines, SSAB Iowa Inc.

  • Papers chair: Daniel Baker, General Motors Global Propulsion Systems

  • MS&T19 chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

  Ron Radzilowski (right) presented Amar De (left) with the MPPATC service plaque.

The MPPATC met 9 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines

  • Vice chair: C. Matt Enloe, General Motors Co.

  • Papers chair: Chirag Mahimkar, Big River Steel

  • MS&T19 chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

The MPPATC met 257 October 2016, Salt Lake City, UT, USA. Emmanuel De Moor, AIST representative to the MS&T16 Programming Committee, provided an update on the Iron & Steel content of the program. There were 10 symposia on ferrous metallurgy covering Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), Structural Steel, Rod and Bar, Galvanized Steel, Gas Metallurgy, and historical perspectives on ferrous metallurgy.
Matt Enloe, AISTech 2017 program chair, highlighted the MPPATC’s technical sessions for AISTech 2017. With the large number of abstract submissions, five sessions are being planned with the potential to expand to seven. A number of the abstracts are related to AHSS as well as medium-carbon steels and stainless steels. 
De Moor then provided a summary on the upcoming International Symposium on the New Developments in Advanced High-Strength Steels, which will be held in Keystone, Colo., USA, on 30 May–2 June 2017. The goal of the symposium is to bring in presentations from around the world on AHSS developments so that all can learn about new advancements. 
The 6th International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel (CHS2 2017) will be held in Atlanta, Ga., USA immediately following the AHSS Symposium. There have been 111 abstracts submitted for CHS2 2017. 
The meeting concluded with the presentation of the 2016 AIST Gilbert Speich Award and the 2016 AIST Richard Fruehan Award. Emmanuel De Moor was also recognized for his work in organizing the Iron & Steel program for MS&T16.

1. Ron Radzilowski (left, MPPATC awards chair) and Amar De (right, MPPATC chair) presented the Richard Fruehan Award to Rian Dippenaar (center). 2. Ron Radzilowski (MPPATC awards chair) and Amar De (MPPATC chair) presented the Gilbert Speich Award at MS&T16 (left to right): Jose M. Rodríguez-Ibabe, Pello Uranga, Radzilowski, Nerea Isasti, Gorka Larzabal and De. 3. Emmanuel De Moor (left) was recognized by Amar De (right) for his work in organizing the Iron & Steel program for MS&T16.
Amar De (right) presented the MPPATC service plaque to Amy Woods (left).

The MPPATC met 17 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Amar De, ArcelorMittal Research & Development

  • Vice chair: Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines

  • Papers chair: Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.

  • MS&T17 chair: Matt Enloe, General Motors

  • MS&T18 chair: Justin Raines, SSAB

The MPPATC met 6 October 2015, Columbus, Ohio, USA (during MS&T15). An overview of the MS&T15 Iron & Steel program was provided by Amar De, the AIST Programming Committee representative for MS&T15. A total of 122 papers were presented during the Iron & Steel sessions, which included symposia on Advanced Steel Metallurgy; Shaping, Forming and Treating of Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS); and Steels for the Oil and Gas Sector. A special mention was made of the Phase Stability, Diffusion Kinetics and Their Applications (PSDK-X) Symposium given in honor of Dr. John Speer, the 2015 TMS John Gibbs Award Winner. A recap of the MS&T15 conference and exhibition is published on pages 119–122 of this issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
Emmanuel De Moor provided an update for MS&T16 symposia, which are Advanced High-Strength Steel Design/Technological Exploitation; Advances in Zinc-Coated Sheet Steel Processing and Properties; Ferrous Metallurgy: From Past to Present; and Gas/Metal Reactions: Diffusion and Phase Transformation During Heat Treatment of Steel. MPPATC members were encouraged to submit abstracts for MS&T 2016 sessions.
Matt Enloe, MPPATC papers chair, provided an update on the technical session planning for AISTech 2016. Five sessions are being organized: AHSS for Auto Applications, Product Metallurgy — Steelmaking & Casting, Product Metallurgy — Hot Rolling and Downstream Processing, Surface Quality and Coatability, and Application of AHSS. Volunteers were sought for session chairs.
Ron Radzilowski, awards chair, presented the 2015 AIST Metallurgy Division Awards:

  • Jerry Silver Award: “The Effect of Coiling Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh-Strength 700 MPa Grade Processed via Thin-Slab Casting,” by V.S.A. Challa, R.D.K. Misra, Ronald J. O’Malley and Steven G. Jansto.

  • Gilbert R. Speich Award: “Developing a Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel With Two-Stage TRIP Behavior,” by Scott T. Pisarik, David C. Van Aken, Krista R. Limmer and Julia E. Medvedeva. 

  • Richard J. Fruehan Award: “Application of Hot Rolling Lubrication on a Reversing Coil/Plate Mill,” by Qiulin Yu and Amy Beard. 

  • Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture: “A Complete Theory for Martensitic Transformations,” by Sir Harry Bhadeshia.

Mr. De Moor gave a summary of the International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products, which was held 12–15 July 2015 in Vail, Colo., USA. De Moor also laid out plans to hold an AHSS conference in 2017 as a continuation of the conferences held in previous years.
The last order of business was the succession plan for the MPPATC’s leadership. 

1. Kester Clarke (left) and Ron Radzilowski (right) presented Amar De (center) with a plaque of appreciation for his service
as AIST Programming Committee representative for MS&T15. 2. Ron Radzilowski (center) presented the Richard J. Fruehan
Award to Qiulin Yu (right) and Amy Beard (left). 3. Ron Radzilowski presented the Jerry Silver Award at MS&T15 (left to right): V.S.A. Challa, R.D.K. Misra, Radzilowski and Steven G. Jansto. 4. Amy Clarke (left) presented the Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture Award to Sir Harry Bhadeshia (right). 5. Scott Story (left), MSCTC vice chair, and Roger Maddalena (right), MSCTC chair, presented Tom Zorc (center), manager, TimkenSteel Corp., with a plaque of appreciation for hosting a tour of TimkenSteel Corp. – Harrison Steel Plant.

The MPPATC met 5 May 2015, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair — Amy Woods, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Butler

  • Vice chair — Amar De, ArcelorMittal Research & Development

  • MS&T Programming chair — Emmanuel De Moor, Colorado School of Mines

  • Papers chair — Matt Enloe, General Motors

  • Awards chair — Ron Radzilowski, AK Steel Corp. – Dearborn Works

Meeting Highlights:
Matt  Enloe  updated the group on the three technical sessions organized by the MPPATC at AISTech 2015.
Amar De provided an update on the three iron and steel symposia  organized  for  MS&T15, which  will  be  held  in Columbus,  Ohio, USA, on 4–8 October 2015. Within the three symposia  will be 12 sessions focused on advanced steel  metallurgy;  the shaping  and forming of AHSS; and steels for the oil and gas industry. There will also be three sessions organized on phase stability, diffusion and kinetics. A discussion was held regarding   future  advanced technology symposia to be organized by the MPPATC similar to the International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long and Forged Products held in Vail, Colo., USA, on 12–15 July  2015. Potential  future symposia  could  include  steel products such as plate, AHSS, and the application of AHSS.