Technology Committees

Metallurgy – Processing, Products & Applications and Rolls Technology Committees Joint Meeting

3 March 2021 • Virtual Meeting

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8 a.m. ET

1. Chair’s opening remarks, Konstantin Redkin   
2. Appoint minute-taker
3. Antitrust guidelines
4. Membership and attendance
5. Review minutes of previous meeting, from 24 Nov Virtual Meeting
6. AIST Staff Announcements
7. AIST Steel Industry Fatalities

Main agenda items

  • Finalize AISTech sessions, Justin Raines

    • Papers due to AIST (18 February)

    • Author Registration deadline (1 March)

    • Presentation Draft Due in to AIST (18 March)

    • Re-emphasize the role of Session Chair and Papers Chair

  • Nominations for committee officers, rotation occurs July 1 of each year, and all Leaders serving same position two years in a row is common

    • ​MPPATC Officers 2019/2020
      Chair - Konstantin Redkin
      Vice Chair - Chirag Mahimkar
      Papers Chair - Justin Raines
      Awards Chair - Charles Matthew Enloe
      MS&T Representative - Daniel Baker
      YP Chair -

  • Committee awards, and Board of Director Level Awards (reminder for nominations: Distinguished Member and Fellow, Sendzimir Award, Fairless Award and Steelmaker of the Year), including Rolls Best Paper, Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture, Gilbert Speich Award, Jerry Silver Award, Richard Fruehan Award.

Awards Chair - Charles Matthew Enloe

  • Technology Training conference (Webinars if applicable, MS&T20 webinars and MS&T21), Chirag Mahimkar MS&T20, Daniel Baker MS&T21

  • Discuss AIST Digital Transformation Subcommittee, Ronjie Song, Damon Panahi

  • Young professional recruitment Sub-committee


Next meeting

10 a.m. ET

Chair conclusion



The Presentations will be in a joint meeting with the Rolls Technology Committee. To attend the joint meeting, please stay on the MPPATC spring meeting Zoom link. If you are a RTC member, please register for the MPPATC spring meeting and you will be provided the Zoom link. You can attend the meeting any time while it is held.                                                                          

  • Presentation 1 - Rolling AHSS and consequences on the Mill Equipment (Rolls, Bearings etc.), Dr. Nikitenko from USS, see

  • Presentation 2 - Mill accidents/Safety: actions to be taken regarding the rolls damage utilizing special blankets and Acoustic Emission Units