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Rolls Technology Committee Meeting

17 February 2021 • Virtual Meeting

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AIST technology committee members are asked to print out the latest revised meeting agenda from our website one week prior to this meeting.

9:00 a.m. ET

1. Chair’s opening remarks, Chris Hrizo                                                                 
2. Appoint minute-taker
3. Antitrust guidelines
4. Membership and attendance, Lydia Stromei
5. Review minutes of previous meeting, from 14 Aug • Virtual Meeting
6. AIST Staff Announcements
7. AIST Steel Industry Fatalities

Main agenda items


  • Finalize AISTech sessions, Jochen Münker

    • Papers due to AIST (15 April)

    • Author Registration deadline (1 May)

    • Presentation Draft Due in to AIST (15 May)

    • Re-emphasize the role of Session Chair and Papers Chair

  • Nominations for committee officers, rotation occurs July 1 of each year, and all Leaders serving the same position two years in a row is common

RTC Officers 2020/2021

Chair - Chris Hrizo

Vice Chair - Kyle Sims

Papers Chair - Jochen Muenker

Membership Chair - Lydia Stromei

Young Professionals Chair - Sean McHugh

  • Committee Best Paper Award, and Board of Director Level Awards (reminder for nominations: Distinguished Member and Fellow, Sendzimir Award, Fairless Award and Steelmaker of the Year), Jochen Münker

  • Finalize call for papers for next year, Currently this reads

“Roll manufacturing and roll shop safety; innovative roll manufacturing and roll testing; roll maintenance and inspection practices; roll use in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries, including pinch rolls; roll performance improvements; the relationship between rolls and product attributes (profile, flatness, surface, etc.); roll surface defects and their effect on sheet quality; roll surface analysis; chock repair and bearing maintenance; and opportunities to reduce environmental footprint including roll shop waste.”
“The interrelation of production processes and product properties (dimensional and metallurgical), including liquid and solid steel processing, and products ranging from sheet and plate to tubular and long products, as well as finished components. Papers are being sought for process metallurgy and product application of low- and high-strength steels and advanced high-strength steels (AHSS), with focus on the fundamental aspects from microstructure to mechanical properties. Additional topics of interest include: development of new process technologies and products, process/product quality problems and control.”

  • Discuss AIST Digital Transformation Subcommittee, Chris Pace

  • Young professional recruitment Sub-committee, Sean McHugh



“Benefits of Automated Roll Inspection”
by Sean McHugh
President, Vollmer America, Inc.
5 Lime Kiln Rd
Canaan, CT  06018-2117
(860) 824-5157


Next meeting, Technical Presentations arranged with MPPATC, Wednesday, March 3, 2021, please register separately for that meeting as well.


Next meeting, AISTech – finalizing with new dates


Chair conclusion

10:00 a.m. ET