• Now Available! The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel<sup>®</sup>, Long Products Volume

    Now Available! The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel®, Long Products Volume

    Order the newly released Long Products Volume! This book provides a detailed description of long products, how they are classified, how they are produced and with what types of equipment.

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    Take charge of your career by joining AIST’s unique global network of steel industry professionals. Hundreds or educational resources and networking opportunities are provided to help individuals reach professional and corporate goals.

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    Extend Your Reach

    AIST offers a broad selection of options for showcasing your company’s products and services. With a global network of more than 17,500, your brand is sure to reach new clients.

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  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Stay Ahead of the Competition

    AIST Process Benchmarker® (APB) is a secure, online benchmarking service for tracking key performance indicators between users engaged in the manufacturing of iron, steel and related raw materials. The APB unites steel producers in comparative technical benchmarking to improve the long-term sustainability of steel as the engineered material of choice for a diverse array of applications.

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2nd AIST-IAS Simposio de Gruas-Crane Symposium

23–25 Oct 2017 |, Rosario, Argentina

Practical information, best practices and experiences from crane personnel and manufacturers to improve crane and runway safety and reliability.

Secondary Steelmaking Refractories – A Practical Training Seminar

23–26 Oct 2017 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Secondary steelmaking refractory maintenance is vital to both productivity and safety in a meltshop and caster. 

Maintenance Solutions: Latest Applied Mechanical, Lubrication and Hydraulic Technologies

05–08 Nov 2017 | Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Improving reliability is essential to assuring manufacturing results at the lowest cost.

Modern Electric Furnace Steelmaking — A Practical Training Seminar

05–09 Feb 2018 | Memphis, Tennessee, USA

This course covers safety, the basics of electrical and mechanical features of electric arc furnaces, refractories, and the role of raw materials. 

Long Products Rolling – A Practical Training Seminar

19–22 Feb 2018 | Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The primary focus is on the process and equipment customarily found within the “rolling mill” building, i.e., reheat furnace, rolling mill and finishing end. 


Looking to the future by visiting the past


The AIST Specialty Alloy and Foundry Technology Committee recently toured a historical blacksmith shop.

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Monthly Journal

Process Metallurgy & Product Applications

2017 October Issue

A large alloy steel ring weighing over 100 tons and more than 15 feet in outside diameter being forged at North American Forgemasters (NAF). NAF is a joint venture between Scot Forge and Ellwood City Forge and is located in New Castle, Pa., USA. The NAF press was commissioned in late 2015 and is one of the largest open-die forging presses in the Americas.