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Women In Steel, Women of Steel — Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, Vol. I Is Available!

Women are excelling in management and leadership positions throughout the steel industry and manufacturing. This book focuses on their challenges, insights, strengths, character, vision, and the fresh perspective that women in the steel industry and manufacturing bring to the table every day.
This fifty-year global living history includes interviews from Barbara Smith, chairman, president and CEO, Commercial Metals Company; Elena Petrášková, vice president subsidiaries and general counsel, U.S. Steel Košice s.r.o.; Carol Jackson, chairman and CEO, HarbisonWalker International, Inc.; Anna Mareschi Danieli, vice chairwoman – steelmaking division, Danieli Group, and many more!

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About the Author

Author and consultant, Karin J. Lund, is a thirty-year veteran of the steel industry and founder of G-Power Global Enterprises. A corporate consulting and training firm, G-Power’s focus is to encourage industry, higher education, entrepreneurs, and non-profit groups to lead with compassion in their work environments while still focusing on deliverable results. This is done through webinars, workshops, retreats, online programs, and her books.

Karin’s most recent steel industry experience was as a regional sales manager, managing annual sales of over $140M with Gerdau Ameristeel. Gerdau Ameristeel was created through a merger between Co-Steel International in Canada and Gerdau S. A. in 2002.  Karin began her career with Jones & Laughlin Steel in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA where she was the third woman to be hired in Central Operation Sales. While still under construction, Karin was recruited as a Product Specialist with Raritan River Steel in Perth Amboy, NJ., which later became Co-Steel Raritan.  Co-Steel also owned LASCO Steel in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, and Chaparral Steel in Texas. Raritan was an electric furnace shop and wire rod mill. While at Raritan, she received three Certificates of Outstanding Service from the American Iron and Steel Institute for her participation in the Steel Fellows Program. The program was designed to help attract college students, and in her case, young women, into the steel industry. At the request of legal counsel, she testified twice before the International Trade Commission in two trade cases.

This is Karin’s third non-fiction book. Her two books in the G-Power Series-The Language of Loss-Breaking the Silence-Starting Conversations About Loss at Work and Home and Compassion is the Competitive Edge-Leading with Compassion While Delivering Results which was released in July 2020.