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The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Foundation provides scholarships and grants to university engineering students and their instructors to encourage interest in the steel industry. The current image of the industry as perceived by young people and educators greatly impacts the progress of these programs. The Foundation’s University-Industry Relations Roundtable (UIRR) recognizes the need to market the iron and steel industry to young people in a manner that is appealing and informative.

Video Contest Overview

The goal of the AIST Foundation Real Steel Video Contest (the “Video Contest”) is to challenge students to research the steel industry and produce a three-minute original video that educates views on “Energy – Problem Solving with Steel”. 

Each video must include the following components:

  • Interview(s) with recent graduates who are using steel technologies to increase efficiencies within energy production and distribution.

  • Example or case study of how steel products have effectively served as an solution for the modern energy sector, e.g. oil and gas, wind, hydrogen, nuclear and solar energy.

  • Unique examples of how the steel industry contributes to clean and sustainable energy based on your own studies.

  • Ideas or theories related to how the steel industry can leverage its existing technologies with finding energy solutions for the future.

A teacher/faculty member at the school must serve as the Faculty Sponsor for each entry. Faculty Sponsors may include this Video Contest as part of their class curriculum, or as a separate activity for their students. One student on the team will serve as the Student Captain.

Eligibility Requirements

The contest is open to all high school students (grades 9–12), post-secondary trade/technical school students, and college and university students. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted, but only one video per student team may advance to the finals.

Selection Process

During the month of February, the public will play a part in determining the six finalists whose videos will be voted upon by special Video Contest Committee formed by the UIRR. The six finalists are chosen based on the number of “likes” each individual video receives on YouTube.

Once the six finalists are chosen, the Video Contest Committee will evaluate the videos based on the integration of key elements identified in the Video Contest Overview section above. 


A total of up to five (5) prizes of $1,000, and one (1) prize of US$3,000 for the overall best video, may be awarded. Prizes are issued in a single check and should be divided among project team members.

For answers to questions about this contest, please email Courtney Young at the Association for Iron & Steel Technology or call +1.724.814.3096.

Video Contest Timeline

Call for Entries

1 August–31 October 2022

Deadline to Submit Entry Form

31 October 2022

Deadline to Submit Video

31 December 2022

Public Voting

1–28 February 2023

Video Contest Committee Judging

1–31 March 2023

Notification of Winners

1 April 2023

Submission Requirements

In order for a Video Contest submission to be eligible, the Faculty Sponsor or Student Captain must submit the completed online Entry Form by 31 October 2022. 

Videos must be submitted via DropBox (preferred) by 5 p.m. EST on 31 December 2022, or postmarked by the same date and time. Any entries sent or postmarked after the deadline will not be included in the competition. 

Files submitted must be labeled with the student captain’s name and title of the video.

If sending via DropBox (preferred), be sure to include the student captain’s name, title of video, school name, student captain’s email address and length of video in the body of the email message.  If sending via mail, the disk must be labeled with the complete school name, title of video, student captain’s name, student captain’s email address and length of video, written on the disk itself.
The final product should be a single video file that plays when opened using Windows Media Player. We will not accept a DVD or file with a format/title page with a “Click here to play,” message. A single video file that plays when clicked is required.

Entries should be submitted to:
Via DropBox:
Courtney Young.
Via Mail: 
Courtney Young
186 Thorn Hill Road
Warrendale, PA 15086 USA
For answers to questions about this contest, please email Courtney Young at the Association for Iron & Steel Technology or call +1.724.814.3096.