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Young Professional and Student Mentor Program

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This program is designed to support students who are interested in pursuing a job in the steel industry after graduation.

Its purpose is to enhance materials science or engineering students’ understanding of what can be expected from a career in steel. It provides students with an industry resource to help answer questions and to provide guidance and insight from someone that was in their shoes not too long ago.

The steel industry is experiencing a revolution of digitalization and new technology development. Industry 4.0 is influencing all aspects of the steelmaking process which gives way to not only participating in the changing of an industry but also continuous learning. The hope is that through this connection, students will be able to identify the many opportunities available to them as well as address any concerns they may have.

Students who are interested in being paired with a young professional industry mentor should fill out the Student Mentor Program Application. This form will help AIST find the best industry match for each respective student.

Upon filling out the application, the student will hear from AIST within one business week with a status update on the progress of their mentor match.

Once an industry resource is identified, AIST will connect both the young professional and student via email.

At that point, it’s up to the student and young professional to make a connection and schedule an exploratory conversation. The student should have their questions prepared for the young professional to make an effective use of the volunteer’s time.

Some suggestions on questions and discussion topics are outlined below for your convenience:

  • What made you want to pursue a career in the steel industry? How did you know it was the right fit for you?

  • What are some things you like about your job in the steel industry? What are some things you don’t like?

    • What are some things that continue to motivate you and help you stay passionate about your job?

    • Are there opportunities for growth?

  • Do you have any advice for me as I embark on my internship/job search?

  • Do you have any advice on things I should do/focus on in the first few months of starting my new job in the steel industry?

If you have any questions regarding the program, please reach out to