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I am thankful for my time at EVRAZ [Rocky Mountain Steel]. In addition to contributing to two research projects, I 
also had the chance to learn new skills such as laboratory practices and implementations of Minitab. The quality control team have been wonderful mentors that truly helped me get the most out of this internship experience.

Madison Pixler
2021 Steel Intern Scholar Recipient
 EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel
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Each year, the AIST Foundation awards up to US$1 mil. for scholarship and program grants to ensure the iron and steel industry of tomorrow will have a sufficient number of qualified professionals. By supporting the education of our next generation, we are building a long-term workforce that is well trained, skilled and dedicated to the needs of tomorrow’s steel industry.

Steel Intern Scholarships

Up to 50 Steel Intern Scholarships will be awarded for the 2024-2025 academic school year. The AIST Steel Intern Scholarships provide the best of both worlds – valuable industry experience and financial support. Selected candidates will receive a paid summer internship or co-op at a North America steel company followed by a US$7,500 scholarship.

Member Chapter Scholarships

AIST’s 22 Member Chapters administer more than US$125,000 in annual scholarships for qualified individuals within their regions.

Don B. Daily Safety Steel Intern Scholarship

Up to two one-year US$7,500 scholarships, including a paid internship.

Endowment Scholarships

Students attending the following schools may apply at their institution directly for the AIST Endowment Scholarships:

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • University of Pennsylvania

Lewis & Elizabeth Young Scholarship

Applies to students in the Western Pennsylvania, Virginia or West Virginia areas

Other Funding Opportunities Through Material Advantage


It's Not Just Busy Work: AIST Foundation Steel Internships

It's Not Just Busy Work: AIST Foundation Steel Internships

In addition to a US$7,500 scholarship, AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholars receive a paid internship. Rather than being asked to get coffee, the internship gives them a chance to experience first-hand what the steel industry has to offer, and actively contribute to the plant's operational success. We spoke to some of our interns about how they spent their summer.

All scholarships and grants are awarded in accordance with AIST Foundation’s policies, which may be amended from time to time, and are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.  Scholarships and grants are awarded subject to availability and funding and AIST Foundation reserves the right to withdraw or amend any listed scholarship or grant without prior notification.  Scholarships and grants may be suspended or revoked at any time at the Board’s discretion.  In no event shall the AIST Foundation or the Board of Trustees be liable for any claim or cost associated with suspending or revoking any scholarship or grant.  All decisions by the Board shall be final and may not be appealed.