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Steel to Students Training Program Application

The AIST Foundation's Steel to Students Training Program covers the full cost of registration and up to US$600 in travel reimbursement (per conference) for post-secondary vocational/technical school students, undergraduate and graduate-level students to attend AIST’s Technology Training Conferences and AIST Member Chapter annual meetings that include a technical program. High School students do not qualify for funding.


What is your current year of study?:

Are you currently a student member of AIST through the Material Advantage program?:
Please indicate which AIST Specialty Training Conference or Member Chapter Technical Program you would like to attend. 
(NOTE: AISTech, the MS&T conference, and AIST technical committee meetings, are not eligible events for funding through this technology training program..
When does this conference begin?
Please indicate why you are interested in attending this technology training conference or AIST Member Chapter Meeting's technical program.
Conference Materials:  

Would you like to attend a plant tour if one is provided?:  

Please indicate how you would like to receive your reimbursement:  

  If you prefer a mailed check, please confirm that the mailing address indicated on this application is correct. If you chose to be reimbursed via PayPal, please share the email address associated with your PayPal account below.  
A faculty recommendation must be submitted as a PDF on your school letterhead. The letter should be sent (via email) to on your behalf, recommending you for this program. Who is the faculty member at your school that will be submitting your recommendation?
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