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Board of Directors Awards General Guidelines

  • Only AIST members may nominate a candidate, unless noted.

  • For all award candidates, there are no restrictions with respect to nationality, citizenship, race, gender, occupation, age or membership in AIST, unless noted.

  • For all awards, a standard nomination form shall be completed to nominate a candidate.

  • Nominations shall be solicited in AIST’s Iron & Steel Technology, on AIST.org, and in other electronic media and print materials.

  • Nominations will be collected and held in confidence at AIST headquarters for distribution to the AIST Awards and Recognition Program Committee (or appropriate selection group) immediately following the nomination deadline.

  • All nomination information is considered confidential to the AIST Board of Directors, the Awards & Recognition Program Committee and its subcommittees.

  • AIST board officers, directors and members of the Awards and Recognition Program are not eligible for selection during term of service.

  • The deadline for nominations of candidates for all Board of Directors Awards will be 30 November of each year.

  • Where more than three letters of endorsement are required, at least half shall be from non-related corporate parties. The principal nominator may provide a letter of endorsement, but it shall not be counted towards the required number of letters. A maximum of ten letters may be included in the nomination packet.

  • The AIST Awards and Recognition Program Committee shall select the final recipient from the candidate nominations received for all awards, unless noted.

  • All recipients will be selected by 31 January of the following year.

  • A recipient shall be selected annually for each award unless noted, provided a qualified candidate is nominated.

  • In the event there is a single nominee for an award, a majority approval vote by the selection committee is required.

  • The award recipient must be living at the time of selection, unless noted.

  • AIST headquarters shall notify all award recipients and principal nominators.

  • All awards will be presented at AISTech, unless noted.

  • All awards are dated the year of presentation.

  • All award recipients will be identified in the August issue of Iron & Steel Technology.