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History and Purpose

In 2007 the AIST Energy & Utilities Technology Committee (EUTC) established the AIST Energy Achievement Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual, group and/or  company in the iron and steel producing sector that has implemented at their facility a project resulting in energy conservation or a significant improvement in energy-related productivity. This recognition by the industry will inform other companies about successful approaches and encourage them in the pursuit of more efficient utilization of energy at their plants.

Nomination Process

Steel producing companies are invited to submit an application using the Application Form. Suppliers to the industry are encouraged to assist their customers with the application process where appropriate. International applicants are also encouraged. The applicant may be requested to supply supplemental information to support the measurement and verification data provided in the initial application. Applications for this award are invited annually, with a closing date of 30 June.


To be eligible for this award, the project must have been completed within two calendar years preceding the year in which the application is submitted. Completed means that project start-up and verification processes are finalized or close to being finalized and that post-installation operating results are available. The project should be innovative and replicable, and will include innovative technology application. Project benefits must be verifiable using energy efficiency benchmarks commonly applied by the industry. The project must not be associated with any deleterious effects on quality, production rate or similar factors important to a company’s competitive standing. The achievement should be worthy of consideration by others inside or outside the iron and steel industry interested in attaining a similar outcome. The general guidelines for the Technology Division–level Awards apply to this award.

Selection: The Energy Achievement Award Subcommittee will evaluate the nominations and make a recommendation to the committee membership for a vote.
When considering the award, the sub-committee will want to know and be able to verify:

  • The system configuration.

  • Energy benchmark metrics used to determine the positive outcome.

  • Why and how the improvement was implemented.

  • Measured results with supporting data achieved to date.

  • Whether the project has potential for broad-based application throughout the industry.

Award Presentation and Paper

Presentation of the AIST Energy Achievement Award to the selected award winner will normally take place at an AIST Member Chapter meeting within easy traveling distance of the project site, to allow staff who contributed to the project to participate. In addition, recipients and their suppliers will be invited to prepare a paper based on their achievements for presentation at an AIST conference and/or for publication in Iron & Steel Technology magazine.