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John Bell Award

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Sam Matson - ESTC Chair, and Francesco Memoli - AIST Board of Director Division III, present Stewart Robinson (on behalf of Wendy Gray) the 2013 John Bell Award to Stuart W. Gray, and commemorates his career with Gerdau.

History and Purpose

Established in 2011 in honor of John Bell, a tireless innovator and educator, who was active in the exchange of concepts and ideas that advanced the knowledge and understanding of electric arc furnace steelmaking.  He took every opportunity to teach and exchange his knowledge and understanding with operators and professionals alike and grew many strong relationships.  John Bell, executive vice president and manager of operations at Severstal Columbus LLC, died on 24 September 2011.

This award will be presented to a deserving individual who has made a major and significant contribution to the innovation, improvement, and education of the engineering design and metallurgical process of electric arc furnace technology.  This award also recognizes the unique nature of the steelmaking community in freely exchanging knowledge and forming professional relationships, and John Bell’s contribution in that regard.

The inaugural award was presented at AISTech 2012.