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Kyle Ferron presented the 2022 Josef S. Kapitan Award for Ironmaking  (left to right): Ferron, Mitren Sukhram, Jennifer Woloshyn, Don Tu and Ian Cameron.

Josef S. Kapitan Award

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History and Purpose

This award was established in 1953 as the "Journal of Metals Award" by the Blast Furnace, Coke Oven and Raw Materials Committee of AIME. The name and award rules were changed in 1960 to the "Ironmaking Conference Award", The name and award rules were again changed in 1982 to the "Josef S. Kapitan Ironmaking Conference Award" then divided into the “Josef S. Kapitan Ironmaking Best Paper Award” and the “Josef S. Kapitan Cokemaking Best Paper Award” in 2005. This award is presented to the author of a cokemaking & ironmaking technical paper judged by the AIST Cokemaking & Ironmaking Technology Committees to be the best submitted, for the conference at which it was presented.