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AIST Employment Connection

AIST Student Membership: 5,000+ university engineering student members; approx. 250+ universities and 100+ student chapters with extensive faculty advisor network

AIST Professional Membership: 12,500+ iron and steel professional members from 70+ countries

AIST Education, Training and Networking
  • 29 Technology Committees offers access to expert groups focused on all technical disciplines for steel manufacturing for training, education and technology innovation.

  • 21 Member Chapters for local networking and education for iron and steel employees.  

  • Active programs to educate Young Professionals and bolster their industry network.

  • AISTech – World’s largest annual technology conference and exposition for iron and steel manufacturing.

  • A comprehensive curriculum of fundamental and advanced technology training courses.

  • International study tour program provides unique learning opportunities on a global basis.

Workforce Development
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