• Crane Symposium

    10–12 June 2024 • Sheraton Station Square • Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Crane Symposium




Crane Symposium - SOLD OUT

10–12 June 2024 • Sheraton Station Square • Pittsburgh, PA, USA


What you will Learn

Attendees of the 30th AIST Crane Symposium will gain profound insights into cutting-edge advancements in the steel manufacturing industry, specifically focusing on electric overhead cranes and Industry 4.0 integration. The presentations will cover a spectrum of crucial topics, including crane modernization strategies, Industry 4.0 integration, electrification and sustainable practices, safety and compliance measures, automation, remote monitoring, and green technologies in steel production. Participants will delve into innovative approaches that revive, recharge and elevate heavy-duty cranes into the era of Industry 4.0. Through engaging discussions and expert presentations, attendees will discover strategies to enhance efficiency, safety and sustainability within the steel manufacturing sector.

Who Should Attend

The 30th AIST Crane Symposium is tailor-made for thought leaders, professionals and enthusiasts within the steel manufacturing industry. This includes engineers, technologists, operators, and experts with a focus on electric overhead cranes, Industry 4.0 integration, and related technologies. Attendees will benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by presenters who are at the forefront of crane modernization, Industry 4.0 implementation, sustainable practices, safety and compliance measures, automation, remote monitoring, and green technologies in steel production. Whether you are involved in steel manufacturing operations, technology development, crane operations, or strategic planning, this symposium is designed for individuals seeking to stay at the forefront of advancements and contribute to the evolution of crane technology in the steel industry.

Who You Will Meet

Plant maintenance staff; applications, electrical, mechanical, safety, service and design engineers; operations and maintenance personnel and management; and those people who supply parts, equipment and services to the industry. Anyone who has responsibility for cranes and crane service and is interested in improvements and incidents in this area should attend.

Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) Program

AIST recently launched the Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) program to encourage our members to help boost the next generation’s involvement in AIST and the steel industry. If you are an AIST member and are bringing a Young Professional (age 30 and under) to the conference, you can receive a free gift. All you have to do is enter their contact information on the registration form when you sign up for the conference. Find out more information about the program here.  

Professional Development Hours

This course may qualify for up to 14 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits. Each attendee will receive a certificate listing the quantity of PDH credits earned for the course. This course is not approved for PDH credit in New York, Florida, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Organized By

AIST’s Cranes Technology Committee.

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