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Membership in AIST means you want to be part of advancing the global steel industry. You want to join a faction of intelligent, like-minded individuals who work together to keep the industry successful while enhancing your own professional development.

Members Receive:

  • A monthly subscription to Iron & Steel Technology — the premier technical journal for steel industry personnel and academics.

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Access to:

  • 29 Technology Committees — a network of peers who meet regularly to solve problems and cultivate the progression of steel technology.

  • 22 regional Member Chapters — a grassroots level of volunteers dedicated to assisting in the exchange of ideas.

  •  AIST Resource Center — an online repository of more than 12,000 downloadable technical articles from Iron & Steel Technology, conference proceedings and industry data. AIST members receive 100 free downloads per year.

  • AIST Buyer’s Guide — an online resource that provides company information segmented by various categories.

  • AIST Member Directory — an online directory of all current AIST members.
  • AIME Digital Library  -- an online repository of historical documents and proceedings from the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME)  

AIST Young Professional Free Membership

  • The future of the iron and steel industry lies with its Young Professionals. Anyone age 30 and younger can take advantage of a FREE year of AIST membership. ►Apply Now

Additional Benefits Available as part of the ABM-AIST Combi-Membership

ABM-AIST Combi-Membership
AIST members also have the option to join Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração (ABM) at a reduced rate. The partnership between AIST and ABM allows AIST members to stay informed about the Brazilian steel industry. Benefits include:

  • A quarterly subscription to ABM’s magazine, Metallurgy and Materials.

  • Discounts on ABM seminars, conferences, surveys and publications through ABM’s Library.

  • Industry acknowledgement to authors of outstanding papers presented at ABM events through the ABM Awards Recognition Forum.

  • Networking opportunities with mining and metal professionals.