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    • Pre-Finishing Mill Modernization on the Sterling Steel Rod Mill

      The most recent modernization phase of the wire rod mill at Sterling Steel involved the installation of a pre-finishing mill, using a Morgan Vee Mini-Block, a new water box and shear with utility systems and automation. The new mill configuration adds more stands to the mill for better drafting and is designed to improve finished product quality by providing a more uniform entry temperature and better control of the feed section into the No-Twist® Mill. The new shear improves cut length accuracy and decreases the amount of trimming to reduce yield loss. This paper explains the changes made in the mill and the features of the new equipment and automation system.

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    • A New Benchmark of Energy Performance for Energy Management in U.S. and Canadian Integrated Steel Plants

      ENERGY STAR® supports businesses and consumers by making it easier to save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency. A key ENERGY STAR energy management tool for industry is the plant Energy Performance Indicator (EPI), which provides a bird’s-eye view of a plant’s sector-specific plant-level energy use via a functional relationship between the level of energy use and the level and type of various production activities, material input’s quality, and external factors. This paper describes the development of the first EPI for evaluating the energy performance of integrated steel mills in the U.S. and Canada.

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    • Condensable Particulates: Troublesome “New” Pollutants

      Condensable particulate matter emissions are released as vapors but condense to liquid or solid particles when cooled in the atmosphere. Test methods, permitting problems and control technologies are reviewed in this paper, especially as they may affect iron and steel operations.

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    • Big River Steel’s Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Plant

      Russula provided the turnkey water treatment plant for Big River Steel’s new US$1.1 billion steel complex. The selection of energy-efficient equipment in an easy-to-maintain layout impacts every area of the steel complex. This paper will discuss the design basis of the water treatment plant, plant layout, technical scope, equipment selection, and projected efficiency and environmental benefits.

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    • Advancements in Combustion Control Methods for Regenerative Systems

      Advancements in combustion control algorithms are promising, showing savings in both fuel and electricity costs. While savings are most dramatic on batch cycles where extreme turndown is common, these controls concepts are applicable to continuous processes as well.

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    • Insights on Coke Quality Variation Between Heat-Recovery and Byproduct Cokemaking Technology

      Coke structural properties influencing coke quality in byproduct and heat-recovery cokemaking are investigated. Compared to slot-oven coke, heat-recovery oven coke is less homogenous in quality, as expressed by coke strength after reaction (CSR), pore and carbon structure. While both porous and carbon structure influence quality, pore structure has a stronger influence on CSR in the heat-recovery oven than in the slot-oven, particularly coke at the top section of the heat-recovery oven.

      This paper is the recipient of the 2017 AIST Josef S. Kapitan Award – Cokemaking. The award will be presented at AISTech 2017 in Nashville, Tenn., USA.