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May Issue Now Online

May Issue Now Online

Project & Plant Management, Energy & Utilities, and Environmental Technologies

Special Features Include:

      Interview with Frederick Harnack
      ►Safety First: Analyzing a Successful Safety Program
      ►Time Well Spent: Andy Harshaw Looks Back on His
          Career in Steel

      ►45-Year Life Member: Frank M. Wheeler

Table of Contents

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    • No. 1 Battery Collecting Main Replacement and Roof Repair Project

      This paper describes a project in which the roof of the No. 1 battery at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor was rebuilt with castable. Also included in the project was a replacement of the collecting main, in which steam charging was replaced with high-pressure aspirating liquor. The battery ramped up to full production in three months and has performed well.

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    • 20 Economical Ways to Improve the Performance of a Baghouse Dust Collector

      Many baghouses do not offer adequate technology to accommodate today’s aggressive production demands. This paper outlines cost-effective solutions that can have an immediate impact on overall performance, without the need for a full rebuild of the baghouse. The paper will also discuss upgrading to higher-performance accessory items. Understanding one’s options, along with the benefits of each, can enable a decision maker to discover solutions that provide maximum impact at minimal cost.

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    • Carpenter Technology Athens Operations Program Project and Construction Management Analysis

      This paper details how two teams worked collaboratively to deliver a 550,000-square-foot remelting and forging facility ahead of schedule, within budget and with 2 million man-hours without a lost-time injury. The discussion will focus on how the teams developed a unified culture, working together to overcome challenges and coordinating foreign equipment deliveries, while managing two work shifts a day consisting of 800+ people.

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    • Energy Optimization of High-Energy Pumps

      As energy costs continue to escalate, finding ways to reduce energy consumption is becoming a means of survival. Studies conducted by the Hydraulic Institute, the U.S. Department of Energy and others indicate that pumps are one of the largest consumers of energy, and the efficiency of the average pumping system is less than 40%. This paper will introduce the concept of pump system optimization and identify means of identifying and correcting high-energy users.

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    • Resolving Complex Shape Distortions on Narrow, Thin-Gauge Strip Having an Asymmetric Transverse Thickness Profile — Case Study: Part 1 — Defining the Problem

      Certain cold reduction operations involve rolling narrow, thin-gauge strip having an asymmetric transverse thickness profile, formed from wider, symmetric profiled material being slit along the longitudinal axis. This material compromises the mill’s shape actuation capabilities. Rolling this material may expose deficiencies in the mill that are not evident when rolling wider, symmetric material. This article is the first in a two-part case study that defines/examines this complex and confounding rolling scenario.

      This article is the fifth in a series by Mark E. Zipf. The preceding parts were published in sequence in the December 2012, February 2013, February 2014 and December 2014 issues of Iron & Steel Technology.