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May Issue Now Online

May Issue Now Online

Feature: AISTech 2014 Show Issue, Project & Plant Management, Energy & Utilities and Environmental Technologies and more.

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    • Upgrade of the Burns Harbor Plate Mill Heat Treat Facility

      This paper provides a brief background on the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor plate heat treat facility and the details of the upgrades made at the facility in order to bring it up to world-class standards. Project management of the upgrades, as well as the innovative approach used to set the new plate leveler, is discussed.

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    • Fundamental Evaluation of Natural Gas Co-Injection With Coke Oven Gas or Coal

      Blast furnace injection of hydrogen has been studied as a way to lower the carbon footprint of ironmaking. An application of these studies in North America is the co-injection of natural gas with H2-bearing fuels. Tests have been performed to compare the combustion of different CH4-H2-CO gases using a blast furnace blowpipe and tuyere arranged on a special test rig. The results of these tests are presented, and their implication on the design and operation of co-injection systems is discussed.

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    • Impact of Cokemaking Technology on a Steel Plant’s Carbon Footprint

      This paper discusses the results of a greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint study completed by HATCH, comparing the GHG emissions of a conventional byproduct coke plant with a heat-recovery coke plant within an integrated steel mill. The study followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines and reported direct and indirect GHG emissions from the steel plant.

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    • Application of a Mercury Variance Plan of Study: A Case Study

      This paper reviews a plan of study conducted at a steel finishing and electroplating facility. This plan of study was used to develop a mass-balance for plant mercury, a prioritized approach for removal of mercury sources from the plant and a means to maintain compliance with the effluent limit.