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Aaron S. Weir - 2015 Steel Internship scholar

My internship at AK Steel Corp. – Butler Works has been a great experience provided by AIST’s Steel Internship Scholarship program. I felt very welcomed and respected. Everyone was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire safety and orientation process, as well as throughout the remainder of my internship. Upon completion of my safety training, I began work right away as a process technology engineering intern in the steelmaking department. I was tasked with various improvement projects that focused on the application of my previous knowledge and also required learning new, specialized information about steelmaking and the involved processes.  Overall, the entire experience was very rewarding, and I gained additional knowledge about the steel industry and various technical aspects involved with steel production that I would not have learned otherwise. The financial component of the Steel Internship Scholarship will help me pay for a respectable portion of my tuition for my final year of college at Virginia Tech, and the sum is greatly appreciated. My internship has provided additional interest in pursuing a career in the steel industry. I am very thankful for AIST and its scholarship programs, and I would like to send a special thanks to everyone at Butler Works.