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Dustin A. Arvola - 2015 Steel Premier Internship scholar

The AIST Premier Scholarship gave me the opportunity to intern with Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) for a second time. I worked in the cold mill of the Flat Roll Group in Butler, Ind., USA. The variety of projects and great co-workers are what brought me back to SDI. It is a place in which any engineer seeking to gain management experience can grow and thrive. SDI not only hires talented individuals, but also gives everyone the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

One of my main projects was to install two bulk storage tanks that would feed oil and coolant to a roll grinding CNC machine. This relatively simple assignment taught me the procedure of completing much larger projects. I was responsible for tasks ranging from negotiating labor/material costs with contractors to using fluid mechanics to calculate outlet pressures and flowrates. My role as an engineer is to be a leader who orchestrates successful projects. It takes communication, critical thinking and a well-planned schedule to turn an idea into reality.

My internship experience with SDI has revealed to me how much I enjoy being a project manager. Being a project manager allows me to accom-plish a task by using the resources and people around me. It is my desire to attend graduate school to pursue an advanced degree in mechanical engineering. My undergraduate degree has been completely paid for thanks to the financial assistance of AIST and other organizations. The generosity of others has helped keep graduate school a possibility for me. I want to use my education and work experience to shape myself into not only a professional engineer, but also a leader in the steel industry.