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Joseph L. Ogea - 2015 Steel Internship scholar

Through AIST and the Virginia Tech Foundry Institute for Research and Education (VT FIRE), I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most passionate and engaging individuals in our industry. These men and women have proven invaluable to my education and success during my time at Virginia Tech, ATI Specialty Materials and SSAB Americas. I can only hope to rise to their committed level of excellence in everything I do.  Being awarded a Steel Internship Scholarship is a tremendous honor, as it means the organizations, companies and individuals who have encouraged me believe I am worthy of special recognition. The scholarship, when paired with part-time work and G.I. Bill funds, will provide me with the means to finish school with no student debt. However, the most important opportunity this scholarship provided was the industry experience. Through this scholarship, I have obtained a position as a co-op with SSAB Americas from January through December 2015. My first six months in research and development were exceptional; among other projects, I was trusted with an independent project to improve mechanical properties in medium-carbon boron quenched and tempered steels produced at SSAB Mobile. 

In June, I transferred to SSAB Montpelier Technical Services, where I have been assisting with quality assurance and physical testing. As a member of the Technical Services team, I hope to learn even more about slab and finished plate quality assurance as well as product improvement. AIST, through this co-op, has provided me with a strong metallurgical, industrial and professional background with which I can confidently enter into industry upon my graduation in 2017.