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Maggie L. Zhang - 2015 Steel Internship scholar

In the summer of 2015, I completed an engineering internship with Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. I found the internship to be a highly educational and rewarding experience. Not only did I gain knowledge about engineering and the steel industry, but I was also able to further develop my teamwork and leadership abilities as well as safety training, all of which are crucial skills to have in this industry. Having this experience tied together with the Steel Internship Scholarship was a fantastic opportunity for me, an individual completing a degree in engineering, to be immersed in the industry and get real-world work experience.

The Steel Internship Scholarship will aid in funding my education and has helped me realize my aspirations of working as an engineer in this industry upon graduation. Although my career path has many potential trajectories, I am certain that the positive experiences gained through this internship and aided by the Steel Internship Scholarship will remain with me no matter where I go.