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Zachary M. Corey - 2015 Steel Internship scholar

My official title at Steel Dynamics Inc. – Roanoke Bar Div. was  environmental engineering intern. My projects varied from designing safety procedures and inspections for ladders to coordinating the disposal of unused transformers. Other projects that I worked on included updating ISO 9000 paperwork, documenting confined spaces and developing a safety program for guarded machinery. Each of these projects was then integrated into a centralized plant map. This map was something that I had started the previous summer in conjunction with the overhaul of the spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan. 

My capstone project was not assigned, but rather born from the necessity to integrate new technology into a process that has been done the same way for nearly 60 years. The challenge was to streamline the massive amounts of paperwork that stemmed from daily safety and maintenance inspections. I took on the task by trying software solutions from various companies, presenting findings to my superiors and laying the groundwork to integrate a solution into the plant’s daily operations. 

Working at Steel Dynamics has opened the door to the infinite possibilities that await in the steel industry. I have gained valuable insight into the manufacturing world and how a company stays competitive in the international market. Furthermore, the scholarship has helped ease the burden of student loans, which has given me the chance to broaden my education beyond mechanical engineering. As a result, I have been able to take additional classes to develop skills such as metal casting, welding and metal fabrication.