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David G. Sedrak - 2016 Steel Intern Scholar

I cannot fully express my gratitude for the AIST Steel Intern Scholarship. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to intern with ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor for a second time. The variety of tasks and projects are what brought me back to ArcelorMittal. One of my projects last summer was to install a new door between roll shop No. 2 and the maintenance aisle to make a designated route for motorized cart traffic. The installation of that door was a corrective action to eliminate a safety hazard. This year I was able to see the door project that I worked on last summer be put into action. This summer, I worked in the MEU Maintenance Technology and Central Spears department at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. My supervisor, Larry Frey, made sure to schedule several tours through the plant so that I could experience and learn the process of the steelmaking.

David Sedrak completed his internship at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor.

One of my main projects was to work with a software engineer on developing a new delivery approval web page to create an easier and faster process for deliveries via a web-based system that includes requests, approvals, notifications and many more options. Other interesting projects I worked on dealt with preventive maintenance, such as testing vibrations, checking for gas leaks by using the infrared camera and testing oil samples. These projects and tasks strengthened my skills as an engineer. The steelmaking process is not a simple process, but rather a challenging one. My internship experience was very rewarding; I gained knowledge that I would not have learned otherwise. I was also able to further develop my teamwork and leadership skills as well as safety training, all of which are necessary skills to own as an engineer. I would like to thank AIST for this very generous scholarship, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor for a great experience, and also I would like to thank the AIST Foundation for their help and support throughout the process of my internships. The exposure I received within the industry through my two internships enhanced my understanding of the profession and solidified my ongoing interest in the steel industry.