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Garret H. Finnen - 2016 Steel Intern Scholar

During the summer semester of 2016, I was given the incredible opportunity to intern at Nucor Steel–Berkeley in South Carolina. This experience was made possible by the 2016 Steel Internship Scholarship. This scholarship also provided me with the financial support required to continue my study in metallurgical engineering at the University of Alabama. During my internship, I was given a variety of challenging projects to complete. All of my projects were hands-on and gave me a far better understanding of the steel industry than anything I could learn in the classroom. This internship piqued my interest far greater than any other work I’ve done in the past and made my decisions for my future a lot easier. I hope to continue to work in the steel industry in the future and I am very thankful for AIST for all the support in making this experience possible.

Garret Finnen completed his internship at Nucor Steel–Berkeley.