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Jacob P. Wolfman - 2016 Steel Intern Scholar

I am honored to be a recipient of the AIST Foundation Steel Intern Scholarship. The scholarship will help me financially by reducing the amount of the loans I will have to take out, which will help my financial situation after graduation. I completed my internship with North American Forgemasters (NAF). This was a fantastic and unique experience for me because of the new 90-MN open-die forging press that began making production parts during my internship. The sheer size of the equipment and manufactured parts is an amazing thing to witness and I was fortunate enough to see it every day. With so much going on with the start-up of the new press project, I was able to be involved in many aspects such as tool design, ISO certification and new product development.

Jacob Wolfman completed his internship at North American Forgemasters.

My internship at NAF has had a big influence on my future plans. Prior to my internship, I was unsure of which area of materials I wanted to specialize. Now that I have gained a true passion for open-die forging and the steel industry in general, I know that I would like to concentrate in ferrous metals. After graduation, I want to go directly into the steel manufacturing industry.