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Zachary M. Corey - 2016 Steel Intern Scholar

Returning to Steel Dynamics Inc.’s Roanoke Bar Division has proved to be an invaluable experience by allowing me to broaden both my technical and business skills. For instance, by designing and updating parts for various departments, I have been able to further develop CAD skills that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my career. My internship has also given me the opportunity to analyze how an entire portion of the facility runs in an effort to optimize workflow as well as generate cost-saving tools and procedures. In addition, my duties have often called for me to work with both managers and operators to understand the day-to-day complexities of running a dynamic department, allowing me to expand my interpersonal skills.

Zachary Corey completed his internship at Steel Dynamics Inc. – Roanoke Bar Div.

Coupled with the internship, the scholarship has been a great help to ease the burden of college tuition. It has afforded me the chance to take more technical electives and study material outside of my major, rather than having to work long hours to pay the bills. For example, I have enjoyed taking several foundry metalcasting classes along with other technical electives to broaden my skill and knowledge base. I hope to utilize this experience in my effort to constantly grow as an engineer and expect to continue my career in the metal manufacturing industry upon graduation in the spring.