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Digital Ad Retargeting

AIST has a new opportunity to help you increase your visibility and gain exposure to AIST’s online audience through ad retargeting.

Reach your customers and your goals with trackable results! Let AIST help you make an impact.

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Why Retargeting?

Our audience is your audience. You can have access to visitors. Retarget these visitors with your company’s ads anywhere they visit online.

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Quality Targeting

Ad retargeting with AIST guarantees sustained, specific exposure to the iron and steel industry audience you’re trying to reach, rather than broad, generic targeting on common ad platforms.

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Quantifiable Results

Advertisers will receive access to a detailed online dashboard to see campaign results in real time, including impressions, clicks and geographic locations of ads served.

Digital Ad Retargeting Rate



Number of Impressions


3 Months


A 10% premium over the above standard pricing will be charged in the months of March, April and May.

728 x 90 px


Square Pop-Up
300 x 250 px


Wide Skyscraper
160 x 600 px


Small Rectangle
180 x 150 px

Advertisers to provide one ad of each size.
Specs:  .jpg or .gif static images only; no flash ads.