Digital Ad Retargeting FAQ

What is ad retargeting?

Ad retargeting uses cookies to track visitors of one website and then reach those same visitors with ads on other websites.

Will my ads be on

No. Your ads will be visible on other websites after visitors leave

Will I receive the contact information for the people visiting my site?

AIST is not able to provide this information. Companies should set up an in-bound marketing campaign to capture visitors to their site.

Can I focus my campaign on specific countries? 

Yes. AIST can tailor your campaign so it only reaches specific countries. Please note, limiting your audience may impact the number of impressions provided over the course of the campaign.

Can I focus my campaign on specific companies? 

No. Your ads will reach people who have visited AIST webpages. As mentioned above, AIST does not have access to individual information from people who visit our site. 

Do all the ad graphics have to be for the same product? 

No. You can provide different graphics and destination URLs for your campaign’s ads. Remember, however, that there is no guarantee that each of your ads will be seen by your audience. AIST is not able to guarantee that your ads will be seen an equal amount.

What happens if I reach my impressions goal before the length of my campaign is over?

AIST aims to engineer your campaign to reach the goal for impressions over the course of three months. There may be times when a campaign reaches the impressions goal before the end of the expected duration. Campaigns will end once the impressions goal is reached.