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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

April 2021

The Role of Transient Slags in Steelmaking, Part 2 by Nucor Corp.  (AISTech 2020)

Understanding the Dynamics of Slag Evolution and Its Influence on Hot Metal Refining in a BOF Process by Tata Steel, The Netherlands  (AISTech 2020) 

Dynamic Control of Top Blowing Gas Jet Velocity by Applying Actuation Gas by JFE Steel Corp.  (AISTech 2020)

Revamp of BOF Converters at AK Steel – Middletown Works Using Vaicon Link 2.0 Converter Vessel Suspension System by AK Steel and Primetals Technologies  (AISTech 2020)

Review of Centrifugal Fan Design Decisions Over the Past 25 Years of Operation by New York Blower Co.  (AISTech 2020)

Oxide Stability Analysis and Characterization in a Galvannealed Dual-Phase Steel Exhibiting Coating Defects (AIST Transactions) by Colorado School of Mines  

Safety First:
Conveyor Safety by Zurich Services Corp.

Digital Transformations:
Smart Ladle: AI-Based Tool for Optimizing Caster Temperature by Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation, Purdue University Northwest; and Steel Dynamics Inc.

May 2021

Sustainable Recycling of Steel Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment Solid Wastes via In-Process Dynamic Separation by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago Laboratories  (AISTech 2020)

Application of Oxygen-Enriched Combustion in an Industrial Reheating Furnace Using CFD by Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation, Purdue University Northwest; ArcelorMittal Global R&D; Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor; and Praxair Inc.  (AISTech 2020) 

New EAF Dust Treatment Process for Co-Production of Metallic Zinc and Calcium-Ferrite by Hoei Metal Co Ltd. and Tohoku University  (AISTech 2020)

Use of Discrete-Event Simulation for Production Expansion Planning at NLMK Indiana by Hatch Ltd. and NLMK Indiana  (AISTech 2020)

Microdynamic Interactions Within the Roll Clusters of 20-High Sendzimir Mills, Part 2 by SMS group Inc.  (AISTech 2020)

Lubricant Development for Hard Steel Rolling: from Design to Validation (AIST Transactions) by Quaker Houghton

Digital Transformations:
Fully Automated Rating of Slab Segregation Images for Pipeline Steel on a Continuous Scale
by EVRAZ North America Regina Steel

June 2021

Application of CISDI-ECIA Material Storage Technology in Bulk Materials Handling Plant of Baosteel Shanghai by CISDI Engineering Co. Ltd.  (AISTech 2020)

Steeled for Safety: Visual Aid Technologies to Increase Safety With Material Handling by Netarus LLC  (AISTech 2020) 

Reduction of the Internal and External Oxidation of the Charge During Galvanizing Under SHS Conditions by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

The Effect of Galvanizing Sheet Steel Under SHS Conditions on the Development of Steel Microstructures by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

Zinc Coating Control Using a New Integrated Indicator ECP-Zn by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

Digital Transformations:
Integrated Overall Quality Management by PSI Metals GmbH