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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

April 2024

Effects of Making HBI With and Without Hot Fines Recycling by Cleveland-Cliffs IronUnits (AISTech 2023)

Technical Support to Schwelgern Coke Plant Featured by Carbonization Retort by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG (AISTech 2023) 

CO2 Reduction by Combining Methanation With the Blast Furnace by JFE Steel Corp. Steel Research Laboratory (AISTech 2023)

Investigating the Use of Shaft-Level Tuyere Injection With Computational Fluid Dynamics by Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation, Purdue University Northwest (AISTech 2023)

A Study of the Carbon Distribution in Two Carbide-Free Bainite Alloys (AIST Transactions) by CanmetMaterials, Natural Resources Canada; Institut Jean Lamour; and Normandie Université (AHSS 2023)

Digital Transformations:

Blast Furnace Hot Metal Temperature Prediction With Multi-Wave Pyrometer Measurements by Paul Wurth S.A., Dillinger Hüttenwerke and SMS group Inc.

May 2024

Benefits of Usage of Various Models in a Hot Strip Mill by United States Steel Corporation (AISTech 2023)Heading 5

Grid-Forming Control Functionality for STATCOMs in Steelmaking Applications by Hitachi Energy (AISTech 2023) 

Steel Works Energy-Saving Strategies Through Artificial Intelligence Techniques by ECON Tech (AISTech 2023)

Dancing With the Cloud by Optimus Steel LLC (AISTech 2023)

Evaluation and Improvement Methods of Preparation for a Blast Furnace Taphole Campaign by Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto and Instituto Federal de Minas Gerais — Campus Ouro Branco (AISTech 2023)

On Local Formability/Ductility of New Advanced High-Strength Steels: Temperature, Bake Hardening and Strain Rate Effects (AIST Transactions) by Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. and University of Central Florida (AHSS 2023)

Digital Transformations:
AI/ML Modeling Using Metals Industry Domain Knowledge by SMS Digital

June 2024

Low-Carbon High-Toughness Steel for Tank Car Applications by Cleveland-Cliffs Research & Innovation Center and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2023)

Use of Different Lime-Based Products to Promote Agglomeration of Bio-Charcoal for EAF Injection Through Extrusion and Tableting Processes by Lhoist, Business Innovation Center, J.C. Steel & Sons Inc. and HÄNDLE GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau (AISTech 2023) 

Development of Non-Linear Equations for Predicting Electrical Conductivity in Silicates by Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo (AISTech 2023)

Hazard Recognition, Risk Perceptions and Safety Climate Among Steel Manufacturing Workers by Indiana University of Pennsylvania (AISTech 2023)

Development of Tandem Steering Control in Hot Strip Mill by TMEIC (AISTech 2023)

Effect of Recycling Sinter Dust as Calcium Ferrite in the Sintering Process on Sinter Quality and Emissions of CO2, NO, and SO2  (AIST Transactions) by Pohang University of Science and Technology  and POSCO (AISTech 2023)

Digital Transformations:

Digital Solution for Optimizing Scrap Yard Management by ArcelorMittal Global R&D; Ikerlan Technology Research Centre, Basque Research and Technology Alliance; and TECNALIA, Basque Research Technology Alliance