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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

June 2021

Application of CISDI-ECIA Material Storage Technology in Bulk Materials Handling Plant of Baosteel Shanghai by CISDI Engineering Co. Ltd.  (AISTech 2020)

Steeled for Safety: Visual Aid Technologies to Increase Safety With Material Handling by Netarus LLC  (AISTech 2020) 

Reduction of the Internal and External Oxidation of the Charge During Galvanizing Under SHS Conditions by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

The Effect of Galvanizing Sheet Steel Under SHS Conditions on the Development of Steel Microstructures by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

Zinc Coating Control Using a New Integrated Indicator ECP-Zn by Dneprovsky State Technical University  (MS&T 2020)

Safety First:The Machine Safety Life Cycle — A Process for Compliance, Safety and Productivity of Machines by Integrated Mill Systems

Digital Transformations:
Integrated Overall Quality Management by PSI Metals GmbH

July 2021

On the Mold Width Adjustment Factor in Continuous Slab Casting by Ternium Brazil  (AISTech 2020)

An Integrated Approach to Steel Cleanliness Evaluation of Aluminum-Killed Steel Produced Using CSP Technology by Steel Dynamics Inc.  (AISTech 2020) 

Production of an Ultralarge-Section-Sized Slab With POSCO Mega Caster Developed by POSCO's Own Engineering by POSCO (AISTech 2020)

Reduction in Rejection Due to Longitudinal Corner Cracks by Tata Steel Ltd.  (AISTech 2020)

History and Latest Technology of Castables for Steel Ladles of Japanese Integrated Steel Mills by Shinagawa Refractoires Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2020)

Application of Ti Microalloying in a Thin-Slab Cast Medium-Carbon Steel (AIST Transactions) by Algoma Steel Inc. and KTH Royal Institute of Technology  (AISTech 2020)

August 2021

Development of Long Life Slag Pot by Optimizing Stiffness Structurally for Temperature Distribution by JFE Steel Corp.  (AISTech 2020)

Improving Roll Neck Bearing Grease Lubrication by The Timken Co.  (AISTech 2020) 

Fourth Industrial Revolution for Torch-Cutting Equipment by framag Industrieanlagenbau GmbH (AISTech 2020)

Configuring and Tuning “U” and “W” Radiant Tubes for Optimum Performance by Fives North American Combustion Inc. (AISTech 2020)

On-Line Robotics: Microdredging to Clean While Tanks Remain Functional by Scantron Robotics USA Inc. (AISTech 2020)

Turning Towers for Strip to Couple Strip Finishing Processes in Restricted Available Space (AIST Transactions) by John Cockerill  (AISTech 2020)

Safety First: Lockout/Tagout by ROSS Controls

Digital Transformations: Overcoming Challenges With Measuring Bouncing, Unguided Cylindrical Moving Products by NDT Technologies Inc. and Ternium Mexico

September 2021

Development of Heavy-Gauge X80 Spiral Line Pipe With Low-Temperature Toughness by EVRAZ Inc. North America  (AISTech 2020)

Structural Steels Microstructural Homogeneity Effect on Fatigue Performance in Air and Hydrogen Environments by DGS Metallurgical Solutions Inc., National Institute of Standards and Technology, CEIT and University of Navarra, and Hyundai Steel Technical Research Center  (AISTech 2020) 

Reduction of Metallurgical Property Transition for In-Line Heat Treatment for Long Rolling Products by Primetals Technologies USA LLC (AISTech 2020)

Fine-Scale Details Within the Roll Clusters of 20-High Sendzimir Mills — Part 3: Macro-Interactions and Dimensional Requirements  by SMS group Inc. (AISTech 2020)

Investigation of the Process Parameters on Phosphate Capacity and Phosphorus Partition of BOF Slag (AIST Transactions) by RINL