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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

January 2021

The Role of Transient Slags in Steelmaking by Nucor Steel (AISTech 2020)

Problems With and Solutions to Skull Formation in EBT Furnace for Tooling and Stainless Steel Production by SeAH CSS Corp. and ABB AB  (AISTech 2020) 

Real Intelligence — A Novel Approach to EAF Optimization by CIX Inc.  (AISTech 2020)

Numerical Investigation of DC Electric Arc Behavior Under the Consideration of Electrode Movement by Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation, Purdue University Northwest  (AISTech 2020)

Optimization of Electrode Consumption in EAF for Different Operating Conditions by HEG Ltd.  (AISTech 2020)

Safety First:
The Predictive Process — Drivers/Data/Dashboards
by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

Digital Transformations:
AI Application to Melting Temperature Prediction in an EAF
by TecnoAp S.A. de C.V. and Ternium S.A. de C.V.

February 2021

Microdynamic Interactions Within the Roll Clusters of 20-High Sendzimir Mills by SMS group Inc. (AISTech 2020)

Impact of Lip Adjustment on Wiping Efficiency by John Cockerill Metals and International Zinc Association (AISTech 2020) 

Development of High-Efficiency Recuperator by New Heat Transfer Promoting Device at the Continuous Annealing Line by JFE Steel Corp. (AISTech 2020)

Non-Linear Bending Control for Temper Mills by Braho Machinery LLC (AISTech 2020)

Corrosion Behavior of Different Alloys in Zn and Al Alloy Galvanizing Baths by Kuhn Special Steel (AISTech 2020)

Safety First:
Dust Hazard Analysis

Digital Transformations:
Classifier Tuning of Automated Surface Inspection System
by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago, New York University and AM/NS Calvert LLC

March 2021

Recent Sustainability Developments in the Iron and Steel Industry by Hatch Ltd.  (AISTech 2020)

Coal Rheology — The Effect of Rank and Sample Preparation on Test Results by ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. and CanmetENERGY  (AISTech 2020) 

Thermal Assessment of Salamander Cooling During a 10-Day Blast Furnace Shutdown by Hatch Ltd. and United States Steel Corporation  (AISTech 2020)

CFD Study of an Energiron Reactor Fed With Different Concentrations of Hydrogen by Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.  (AISTech 2020)

A Forecasting Model-Based Discovery of Causal Links of Key Influencing Performance Quality Indicators for Sinter Production Improvement by Pro2Future GmbH, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and University of Graz  (AISTech 2020)

Safety First:
Comparative Analysis of Arc Flash Solutions—A Case Study
by Primetals Technologies

Digital Transformations:
Industrial Perspective of Digital Twin Development and Applications for Iron and Steel Processes
by Hatch Ltd.