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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

August 2024

Flue Gas Cleaning to Optimize CO2 Capture by XDH-energy (AISTech 2023)

A Low-Carbon Emission Flowsheet for BF-Grade Iron Ore Using Advanced Electric Smelting Furnace by Hatch Ltd. (AISTech 2023) 

Decarbonization and Increased Productivity in the Reheating Furnace Using Hydrogen Fuel by Purdue University Northwest and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2023)

Zero-Carbon Tempered MgO-ZnO Brick as an Alternative of Fired Magnesia Chrome for Safety Lining of Stainless Steel Ladle by RHI Magnesita (AISTech 2023)

How Computers Shaped Steel During the Digital Revolution (AIST Transactions)

Digital Transformations:

Automatic Robotic Solution for Internal Furnace Inspection to Optimize the Cooling Panels and Refractories Maintenance by Danieli Automation S.p.A.

September 2024

A Novel Approach to Simulate and Evaluate Submerged-Entry Nozzle Clogging Evolution Using the Full-Scale Physical Twin of a Continuous Casting Mold by ArcelorMittal Global R&D Hamilton and University of Toronto (AISTech 2024)

Development of an Improved Inclusion Assessment Approach for Steels by EVRAZ North America R&D and Stelco Inc. (AISTech 2024) 

Mechanical Soft Reduction Technology for Increased Quality Demands in the Future Long Product Market by SMS Concast AG (AISTech 2024)

Study of Submerged Shroud Designs to Reduce Potential Stickers in a Slab Caster by RHI Magnesita and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2024)

Effect of Dewpoint on the Evolving Spectral Emissivity of Advanced High-Strength Steel During Intercritical Annealing by University of Waterloo (AIST Transactions)  (AISTech 2023)

Digital Transformations:

Anomaly Detection Using the Isolation Forest Algorithm: Application to Continuous Slab Casting by Ternium Brasil

October 2024

Development of Nanoprecipitation-Strengthened Cold-Rolled Batch-Annealed HSLA Coated and Uncoated Sheet Steels (>550 MPa Yield Strength) With Superior Formability by Big River Steel – A U. S. Steel Co. (AISTech 2024)

Improvements in Process Practices With a Focus on Reduction of Slivers in Ultralow-Carbon Automotive Exposed Application Grades at Ternium Brasil by Ternium Brasil (AISTech 2024) 

Innovative Non-Radioactive Steel Level Control for Open-Stream Casting by Ergolines Lab s.r.l. (AISTech 2024)

Effect of Casting Speed on the Inclusion Distribution in a LCAK Steel Rolled Plate Produced by the MCCR Process by Yanshan University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, North China University of Technology and Shougang Group Co. Ltd. (AISTech 2024)

The Study of the Behavior of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-Na2O-Based Mold Flux in 1,400ºC by a Fiber-Optic Raman Sensor by Missouri University of Science and Technology (AIST Transactions)  (AISTech 2023)

Digital Transformations:

Developing an Intelligent Process-Properties Simulator for Predicting Magnetic Properties of Electrical Steels Through Synthesis of Operational Data by Big River Steel – A U. S. Steel Co.