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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

December 2021

Digital Substations and Process Bus for Steel Mills – Overview and Quantitative Assessment by Primetals Technologies USA LLC and Big River Steel   (AISTech 2020)

Investigation of Carbon Deposition During Natural Gas and Oxygen Injection for the Direct Reduction Ironmaking Process by Purdue University Northwest, ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago and  ArcelorMittal Lázaro Cárdenas (AISTech 2021) 

Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Modeling in Ironmaking – Potential and Limitations by Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (AISTech 2021)

Q3-Premium – DIGI&MET solution for Decision Intelligence in Quality Management by Danieli Automation S.p.A. and BeanTech Srl (AISTech 2021)

Implementing Industry 4.0 in Steel Manufacturing’s Evolving IIoT Systems (AIST Transactions) by University of Twente and Samotics

Safety First: Wearable Sensing Devices and the Internet of Things for Worker Safety and Health Management in the  Steel Manfacturing Industry by University of Texas at San Antonio

Digital Transformations: Systematic Application of AI to Quality Optimization From Steelmaking to Galvanizing by Smart Steel Technologies GmbH

January 2022

Hydrogen-Based DRI EAF Steelmaking — Fact or Fiction? by Global Strategic Solutions Inc.   (AISTech 2021)

Bath Level Management in the Consteel DC Electric Arc Furnace by Nucor Steel–Hertford County and Heraeus Electro-Nite Co. LLC  (AISTech 2021) 

New System for Highly Efficient Power Input to Arc Furnaces Causing Minimum Network Disturbances by Primetals Technologies USA LLC, Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG and Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (AISTech 2021)

Implementation of the Tiltable Sidewall Burner at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.: Dynamically Adjustable Burner Angle to Optimize Scrap Melting and Reduce Refractory Wear by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. and Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (AISTech 2021)

Perspectives on Maximizing Strengthening Mechanisms in Automotive HSLA Steel (AIST Transactions) by CBMM North America, CBMM Europe and NiobelCon bvba (AISTech 2021)

Safety First: Off-Line Training to Improve the Quality and Consistency of Operator Orientation and Performance by Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

Digital Transformations: Dynamic EAF Energy and Material Balance Model for On-Line Process Optimization by SSAB Americas

February 2022

Approach to Successful Production of Very-Low-Carbon High-Strength Galvanized Dual-Phase Steels Through a CSP Flex Mill by Big River Steel, a U. S. Steel company; and CBMM North America Inc.   (AISTech 2021)

Lightweight Work Roll Flattening Model for Severe Rolling Conditions by Braho Machinery LLC  (AISTech 2021) 

Cutting-Edge Process Technologies to Enhance Electrical Steel Performances by Fives Stein (AISTech 2021)

Virtual Reality Simulator for Portable Fire Extinguisher Training by Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation, Purdue University Northwest; and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2021)

Safety First: Overhead Crane No-Fly Zones Minimize Collisions With Machinery and Structures When Operators Are Distracted by Laser-View Technologies

Digital Transformations: Automatic Pilot for Strip Processing Lines by Fives and Marcegaglia Ravenna S.p.A.