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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

July 2020

Hydrogen Control of Large Bottom-Poured Forging Ingots at Ellwood Quality Steels by Ellwood Group Inc. and ABB R&D Metallurgy  (AISTech 2019)

Crystallization Behavior Evaluations of the Mold Powder by DTA by Shinagawa Refractories Co. Ltd. and Shinagawa Advanced Materials Americas Inc.  (AISTech 2019) 

Slag Engineering for Phosphorus Removal in the EAF and Sulfur Removal in the Ladle by SSAB Americas  (AISTech 2019)

Pyrophoric Dust Formation During Vacuum Degassing: Uncovering the Determining Factors by Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.  (AISTech 2019)

The Effect of Standoff Distance on the Cooling Efficiency of Air Mist and Hydraulic Nozzles by ArcelorMittal Global R&D – East Chicago   (AISTech 2019)

Increasing Safety, Operation Efficiency and Process Reliability: Implementation of Robotized Tundish Operations at Ternium Brasil by Ternium Brasil and Vesuvius  (AISTech 2019)

Safety First: A Case Study in Safety Ownership & Leadership by CMC Steel Texas

Digital Transformations: An Automated Quantitative Assessment of Slab Centerline Segregation Using Image Analysis by Big River Steel

August 2020

Controlling Equipment Failures Caused by Petroleum-Based Fluid Degradation by American Chemical Technologies  (AISTech 2019)

Reduction of Maintenance Costs and Improved MTBR of Boiler Steam Drum and Superheat Safety Valves by ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor  (AISTech 2019)

Maintenance Practices of Gas Analyzers in Steel Industry by Tata Steel  (AISTech 2019)

Life Extension of Motor Control Centers: When to Maintain and When to Replace by Eaton Corp.  (AISTech 2019)

New Advancements in Condition Monitoring Technology to Enhance Steel Mill Productivity and Profitability by Mobil Industrial Lubricants and Primetals Technologies Ltd.   (AISTech 2019)

Reparation of Trusses in Steel Plant Environment by Metalcon, Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto and Universidade Federal de São João del-Rey  (AISTech 2019)

Copper Stave Bending: Challenges, Management and Solutions by Primetals Technologies Ltd.  (AISTech 2019)

Safety First: Keeping Critical Spaces Clean Using Room Pressurization With Self-Maintaining Air Cleaners by The Systems Group

Digital Transformations: Improving Periodic Defect Detection in Hot-Rolled Long Products by Means of Combination Between Eddy Current and Vision by Chedal-Anglay and ISEND

September 2020

High-Quality Wire Rod and Bar Production at YongXing Special Stainless Steel by YongXing Special Stainless Steel Co. Ltd., Primetals Technologies USA LLC and Primetals Technologies Italy S.r.l. (AISTech 2019)

Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Medium-Carbon Wire Rods and Bars by ArcelorMittal and RBM  (AISTech 2019) 

Study on Removal of Brittle Phases by Optimizing the Process Parameters of Welding Wire Rod Grade for Gas-Metal Arc Welding Applications by ERDEMIR and ISDEMIR  (AISTech 2019)

Effect of Rolling Conditions on Ductile Fracture During Piercing by JFE Steel Corp.  (AISTech 2019)

Innovation in the Analysis of Ultrasonic Cleanliness Test Data for Hot-Rolled Steels by Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais   (AISTech 2019)

Robotic Tagging Applications by AIC North America Corp.  (AISTech 2019)

Safety First: Safety Management – Development of Steel Manufacturing Plant-Specific Safety Plan Case Study by Central Washington University

Digital Transformations: Condition Monitoring System for Steam Ejector Vacuum Pumps by SMS group