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Iron & Steel Technology Feature Articles

June 2024

Low-Carbon High-Toughness Steel for Tank Car Applications by Cleveland-Cliffs Research & Innovation Center and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2023)

Use of Different Lime-Based Products to Promote Agglomeration of Bio-Charcoal for EAF Injection Through Extrusion and Tableting Processes by Lhoist, Business Innovation Center, J.C. Steel & Sons Inc. and HÄNDLE GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau (AISTech 2023) 

Development of Non-Linear Equations for Predicting Electrical Conductivity in Silicates by Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo (AISTech 2023)

Hazard Recognition, Risk Perceptions and Safety Climate Among Steel Manufacturing Workers by Indiana University of Pennsylvania (AISTech 2023)

Development of Tandem Steering Control in Hot Strip Mill by TMEIC (AISTech 2023)

Effect of Recycling Sinter Dust as Calcium Ferrite in the Sintering Process on Sinter Quality and Emissions of CO2, NO, and SO2  (AIST Transactions) by Pohang University of Science and Technology  and POSCO (AISTech 2023)

Digital Transformations:

Digital Solution for Optimizing Scrap Yard Management by ArcelorMittal Global R&D; Ikerlan Technology Research Centre, Basque Research and Technology Alliance; and TECNALIA, Basque Research Technology Alliance

July 2024

A CFD Study of Alloy Dissolution and Homogenization in Ladle Metallurgy Furnace by Center for Innovation Through Visualization and Simulation and Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium, Purdue University Northwest (AISTech 2023)

Challenges for the Refractory Industry to Support the Foreseen Large-Scale Transition to DRI Shaft Kilns by RHI Magnesita (AISTech 2023) 

Use of CaO-Al2O3 Synthetic Slag on EAF Tapping for Steel Desulfurization by Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo and Polytechnic School of the São Paulo University (AISTech 2023)

Distributed Temperature Monitoring of Tundish Refractory Lining Using Optical Fiber Sensors by Missouri University of Science and Technology (AISTech 2023)Energy Efficiency Refractory Bricks for Steel Ladle Linings by RHI Magnesita (AISTech 2023)

Energy Efficiency Refractory Bricks for Steel Ladle Linings by RHI Magnesita

Investigation of Non-Metallic Inclusions During Primary Melting of Specialty Steels (AIST Transactions) by Carnegie Mellon University (AISTech 2023)

The Effect of Alloy and Flux Addition Practices on Inclusion Composition in Si-Mn-Killed Low-C Steel (AIST Transactions) by Nucor Steel–Berkeley

Digital Transformations:

Real-Time Defect Prevention in Continuous Casting by SMS digital GmbH and SMS group Inc.

August 2024

Flue Gas Cleaning to Optimize CO2 Capture by XDH-energy (AISTech 2023)

A Low-Carbon Emission Flowsheet for BF-Grade Iron Ore Using Advanced Electric Smelting Furnace by Hatch Ltd. (AISTech 2023) 

Decarbonization and Increased Productivity in the Reheating Furnace Using Hydrogen Fuel by Purdue University Northwest and Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor (AISTech 2023)

Zero-Carbon Tempered MgO-ZnO Brick as an Alternative of Fired Magnesia Chrome for Safety Lining of Stainless Steel Ladle by RHI Magnesita (AISTech 2023)

How Computers Shaped Steel During the Digital Revolution (AIST Transactions)

Digital Transformations:

Automatic Robotic Solution for Internal Furnace Inspection to Optimize the Cooling Panels and Refractories Maintenance by Danieli Automation S.p.A.