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New award in honor of Lucas Criscuolo — September 2018
The AIST Brazil Chapter has established a new award in honor of Lucas Criscuolo, an AIST member and engineer at Vallourec Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil who was killed in a car accident in May 2017.
The award aims to honor young students and junior engineers who are involved in the complex technologic, economic, and human resources in iron and steel industry subjects. The judges to select the awardee(s) are composed of active industry, university, and senior AIST Brazilian Member Chapter members. The R$2,000 award will be given every two years. The selection will be open only to AIST student members in Brazil.
The Brazil Member Chapter aims to motivate young professionals toward excellence in their academic pursuits, technical skills and leadership in the iron and steel industry. Lucas Criscuolo, to his peers, educators, supervisors, student members of AIST and advisors, fully represented all those abilities, being able to inspire awe in every person he met. This award is intended to be a motivation tool for the distinguished engineers of the next generations and let his name serve as a strong example of a gifted person and professional in the industry.

Celebration  November 2014
The AIST Brazil Member Chapter and the Material Advantage student chapter at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) hosted a celebration in honor of Prof. Klaus Schwerdtfeger’s 80th birthday on Saturday, 1 November 2014 in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil. Forty-five attendees gathered to honor Prof. Schwerdtfeger for his work as a longtime lecturer for the Brazilian students.

Tribute Ceremony — September 2012
On 13 September, the AIST Brazil Member Chapter paid tribute to Jadir Cruz for his 35 years of dedication in mastering charcoal blast furnace technology and also for his 25 years of service at V&M do Brazil as number one master foreman.