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AIST European Steel Forum 2020 • 13–15 October 2020 • Virtual Conference
Amid this global pandemic, an inescapable question before industry leaders is: What will steel demand look like over the next several months? The inevitable answer, unfortunately, is: they’re not sure. How could they be, given the unpredictable trajectory of the situation? … [MORE] 

Steel X Future — August and September 2020
In August and September 2020, the AIST European Member Chapter partnered with the University of Udine in Italy to offer a summer school, Steel X Future. The workshop focused on European clean steel, Mossbauer spectroscopy and materials characterization, and metal 3D printing with a special emphasis on steels. The in-person event included opportunities for socially distanced networking, as many segments were held outdoors.

AIST European Member Chapter and University of Udine Event • 14–15 May 2018 • Udine, Italy
On 14 and 15 May 2018, the city of Udine, Italy, played host to a two-day event where locally based multinational companies and international researchers working in the iron and steel sector shared several interesting trends and inspiring topics together with a wide and diversified audience. The long-awaited moment was the AIST John F. Elliott Lecture, delivered by Prof. Donald R. Sadoway from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology… [MORE]

AIST European Member Chapter Formalized
The Association for Iron & Steel Technology is pleased to announce it has established a European Member Chapter, marking the association’s formal expansion into the EU. The AIST board of directors approved the chapter’s formation during its annual meeting, which was held at AISTech 2017 — The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, 8–11 May, in Nashville, Tenn., USA… [MORE] 

AIST European Steel Forum 2019 • 23–25 October 2019 • Leoben, Austria
“A new decade has begun, and so too has a new era in steelmaking. Thanks to advances in metallurgy, steel has achieved strength-to-weight ratios once thought improbable. And new digital tools are providing fresh insights into operating processes … [MORE] 

AIST European Steel Forum 2018 • 3–5 October 2018 • Udine, Italy
“During the last 170 years, the primary challenge before steel producers arguably has been one of efficiency: how to make it faster, better and less expensively. But as the 21st century progresses, the challenges are shifting, and today’s producers are confronting a new set of social and environmental questions: how do we continue to manufacture … [MORE] 

AIST European Steel Forum 2016 • 20–21 October 2016 • Buttrio, Italy
“This year’s event was characterized by a strong program that featured a mix of high-level representation of panelists from both steelmakers and equipment suppliers as well as keynote speakers that covered the whole spectrum of hot topics that characterize the metals industry nowadays,” said Paolo Losso, chairman and president, Danieli Corp., which both sponsored the event and hosted it at its international headquarters in northwest Italy… [MORE] 

AIST Italy Steel Forum 2015 • 22–23 October 2015 • Dalmine, Italy
AIST’s annual Euro-NAFTA steel forum was held at the TenarisDalmine seamless tube mill in Dalmine. The conference brought together industry executives and technology experts who shared their insights into a diverse array of socio-economic issues and technical perspectives. Here’s what they had to say… [MORE] 

AIST Italy Steel Forum 2014 • 9–10 October 2014 • Castellanza, Italy
The AIST Italy Steel Forum 2014 was held on 9–10 October 2014 at the Pomini Tenova Conference Center in Castellanza, Italy. The program included two keynote presentations, a Transforming Iron Production panel, a moderated Industry Leader Panel, and an overview and tour of the Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A., Cremona facility. The event drew 121 attendees… [MORE] 

AIST Italy Steel Forum 2013 • 26–27 September 2013 • Castellanza, Italy
The AIST Italy Steel Forum 2013 was held 26–27 September at the Pomini Tenova Conference Center in Castellanza, Italy. The two-day forum, highlighting important issues for today’s steel industry, attracted 94 participants… [MORE] 

AIST Italy Steel Forum 2012 • 18 October 2012 • Castellanza, Italy
The AIST Italy Steel Forum 2012 was held 18 October at the Pomini Tenova Conference Center in Castellanza, Italy. The one-day forum highlighted important issues for today’s steel industry, and attracted 98 participants… [MORE]

AIST Italy Member Chapter (Formation Update)
The development of an AIST chapter in Italy continues to evolve based on the outcome of several planning meetings with AIST members living in both Italy and the United States. Over the past year, the planning committee participated in several meetings, including a brainstorming session in Italy to provide strategic advice… [MORE] 

AIST Italy Member Chapter Formation
The chapter steering committee held its first meeting on March 18, 2009, in Brescia, Italy. Five AIST members participated in the meeting. The meeting objective was to assess the startup of an AIST Member Chapter to service the Italian steel market. In many ways, the steering committee realized that Italy is an ideal location for chapter growth, with many important European producers and worldwide suppliers based in the region… [MORE] 

18 March 2009 — First Italy Chapter Steering Committee Meeting