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The objective of the St. Louis Member Chapter is to reward and encourage an AIST St. Louis Member Chapter high school senior or college undergraduate student, preparing for a career in Engineering or the sciences, by providing a grant of financial support during attendance full or part time at any accredited university or college.


One scholarship, valued at US$1,500 will be available each year.


The scholarship is intended for the children, stepchildren, grandchildren or spouses of active (dues paid) St. Louis Member Chapter members for two consecutive years. AIST Student members through the Material Advantage Student Program, who live in or attend a university in, the AIST St. Louis Member Chapter area are also eligible. The student must be accepted in an eligible full or part time course of study at an accredited university or college. Applications must be received by April 30 of the year prior to entrance into said college or university.


Applications for the scholarship will be reviewed by the Executive board of the St. Louis Member Chapter.  This award will be made without regard to financial need. Students may reapply each year for the term of their college education.


  1. The scholarship must be used at an accredited college or university.

  2. The student must start the course of study at the university or college in the fall of the same year that the Scholarship is awarded.

  3. The AIST Foundation will forward the scholarship stipend, as a lump sum, to the college or university for deposit in the account of the student.

  4. In cases where the student’s studies or admission are delayed or interrupted for any reason, the Secretary must be advised immediately, and may result in forfeiture.

Required Documents:

  1. Scholarship application

  2. A current resume with work experience (focusing specifically on field-related internships or jobs) and any extracurricular activities, noting any leadership positions, other honors and scholarships received.

  3. A 1-2 page essay on your purpose for continuing education, recent experience and how it effects your future plans, your greatest accomplishments and the satisfaction they provide, reason you should be selected to receive this scholarship.

  4. A recommendation or evaluation from a Counselor, Teacher or Professor must be included with the application.

  5. Copy of current high school or college transcripts

Application Forms

Questions about the scholarships and/or application process should be directed to ewoodside@bdi-usa.com and +1.314.343.5060.