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AIST Transactions

AIST Transactions seeks to publish original research articles focusing on scientific or technical areas relevant to the iron and steel community. All articles are peer-reviewed by Key Reviewers prior to publication.

The scope of the Transactions spans all fields of iron and steel manufacturing, from extractive metallurgy to liquid metal processing, casting, thermomechanical processing as well as coating, joining/welding and machining. Articles related to structure and properties, i.e., characterization, phase transition, chemical analysis and testing of creep, corrosion or strength are accepted. In addition, papers on process control, testing and product performance are also encouraged.

The Transactions will publish papers on basic scientific work as well as applied industrial research work. Papers discussing issues related to specific products or systems can be considered as long as the structure follows a scientific investigation/discussion, but not for the aim of advertising or for the purpose of introducing a new product. Papers should be no longer than 5,000 words, or 12 pages including figures.

Papers will either be accepted unconditionally, conditionally based on reviewers’ comments, or rejected. The review process should be completed in less than two months. Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to complete a form to transfer copyright to AIST.

A PDF proof of the accepted manuscript will be sent electronically to the author(s) approximately one month prior to publication for final approval. Reprints of published manuscripts can be ordered through AIST.

Previous AIST Transactions publications are available in the AIST Resource Center.

Please contact me with any questions regarding AIST Transactions.

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