Students & Faculty

Training and Travel Funds

Steel to Students Training Program

The AIST Foundation's Steel to Students Training Program covers the full cost of registration and up to US$600 in travel reimbursement (per conference) for post-secondary vocational/technical school students, undergraduate and graduate-level students to attend AIST’s Technology Training Conferences and AIST Member Chapter annual meetings that include a technical program. Students may apply to attend multiple conferences of different topics. 

The AIST Foundation will also underwrite Technology Training Conference (in-person or virtual) registration for professors who bring 10 or more students from their university.  Technology Training Conferences are an integral component in facilitating the exchange of ideas and strengthening AIST's global network. AIST’s Technology Committees offer steel industry professionals the opportunity to participate in the organization through the Technology Training Conferences.
Note:  High School students do not qualify for funding. In addition, AISTech, the MS&T conference, and AIST technical committee meetings, are not eligible events for funding through this technology training program.
The Steel to Students Training Program will provide students with increased opportunities to become familiar with Technology Committees and learn firsthand from industry leaders in various steelmaking fields.

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Member Chapter Connection

The program sponsors up to 10 students and faculty (per school) from colleges, universities, and post-secondary technical/trade schools to attend their local AIST Member Chapter meetings.

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Student Plant Tours

A key to promoting student interest in the industry is to experience a plant tour first-hand.  AIST can assist university professors and/or students in connecting with staff at a regional steel plant (where available) to schedule a tour. For assistance contact Courtney Young.  

The AIST Foundation will reimburse up to US$1,500 for travel expenses (transportation and food services) associated with plant tours.

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“Pizza Grants” for Meetings

Students at universities and post-secondary trade/technical schools that offer coursework relevant to the steel industry are eligible for funding from the AIST Foundation to cover the cost of snacks and refreshments at a meeting. The funding is available for student meetings during which the Steel to Students Program, AIST scholarships and the T.C. Graham Prize will be promoted. Up to US$150 in funding is available each semester (per school).

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High School and Middle School Outreach

Many of AIST's student chapters (through Material Advantage) conduct outreach activities with high school and middle school students in their region to promote awareness and interest in science, technology and engineering.

AIST and the AIST Foundation sponsor Materials Camps (presented by the ASM Materials Education Foundation). The Materials Camps are presented to high school and middle school students and feature live demonstrations of various mechanical and physical properties of materials.  AIST's 3D theater, called "Steel Rocks," includes a 3D tour through the steelmaking process that includes shaping and treating of steel and modern applications of the world's most recycled product.

K-12 Outreach

Material Advantage student chapters conduct more than 100 events annually to raise awareness of the important role of STEM (science, technology engineering and math) among students in grades K-12. 

The Steel to Students program provides reimbursement grants of up to US$5,000 annually to AIST Member Chapters that conduct outreach programs for students in grades K-12. Complete details are available for chapter officers in the Officer Resources section on the website.

Networking Opportunities


Join steel industry professionals from around the globe for the largest annual gathering of steel industry personnel in the world!

Steel to Students Recruiting Receptions

The AIST Foundation sponsors recruiting events for students and steel companies at major conferences including AISTech and MS&T. Steel companies are invited to sponsor the event, which includes opportunities for recruiting and networking. Visit each conference’s website for complete details.