Technology Training

AIST hosts a wide variety of training programs that address specific process, engineering, equipment and reliability technologies associated with the global iron and steel industry. The extensive information presented at these courses provide a solid platform for workforce development and professional growth.

AIST's training courses are grouped into three main categories: 

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Core Steelmaking Processes

Introductory-level education courses that concentrate on foundational knowledge for industry-wide procedures and practices. These programs provide attendees a detailed overview of steelmaking, bringing together best practices and procedures for individuals new to a position, specifically, or to the industry in general.

Hot Rolling Fundamentals
19–22 September 2022
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Secondary Steelmaking Refractories Fundamentals
4–6 October 2022
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Continuous Casting Fundamentals
18–20 October 2022
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Cold Rolling Fundamentals
20–23 February 2023

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101
2-3 November 2022


  Modern Electric Furnace Steelmaking –
  A Practical Training Seminar

  20–24 February 2023

Pipe and Tube Fundamentals
Coming Fall 2023


DRI & HBI Fundamentals

Specialty Alloy and Foundry Fundamentals


Long Products Rolling Fundamentals

Sheet Processing and Finishing Lines Fundamentals





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Essential Support Systems

Topic-specific seminars that provide comprehensive information on crucial aspects of steelmaking. Developed by AIST Technology Committees and based on ever-changing industry need and relevance, these programs are geared toward individuals interested in expanding their knowledge on specialized processes, operations and technologies.

Maintenance Solutions
13-15 September 2022
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Environmental Solutions
25–27 October 2022
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Digital Transformation for the Steel Industry
7–8 March 2023


  Crane Symposium
12–14 June 2023

Digitalization Applications Fundamentals


   Electrical Engineering Basics

Energy and Utilities


Material Handling and Transportation Logistics

2nd AIST-IAS Simposio de Grúas/Crane Symposium


The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 201 - Steelmaking

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 202 – Shaping and Treating


Safety and Health Technology

System Automation


Steel Mill Combustion and Thermal Systems



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Product & Technology Development

Advanced, research-based curriculum developed by leading experts. These symposia bring together the international community for technical presentations pertaining to state-of-the-art developments and applications.

Scrap Supplements & Alternative Ironmaking
6–8 March 2023


Recent Developments in Plate Steels
2–5 June 2024

New Developments in Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steels
20–23 June 2023


  International Conference on Advances in     
  Product Metallurgy of Long and Forged

The Making, Shaping & Treating of Steel: 410 – Advanced Aspects of AHSS


Managing Technology


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International Steel Academy

The AIST International Steel Academy provides world-class instruction focused on the fundamental elements required to produce quality steel products in today’s economy. The individual Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel (MSTS) courses include the introductory three-day MSTS 101, geared toward attendees who do not have a technical background but need to understand more about the technical aspects of steel manufacturing; attendees with the requisite technical background can attend the intensive, five-day Steelmaking (MSTS 201), and Steel Shaping and Treating (MSTS 202) to increase their knowledge of the fundamental elements of these processes. The Practical Level (MSTS 300) courses provide more detailed instruction on Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Continuous Casting, Flat Products and Long Products. The Advanced Level (MSTS 400 series) explores specialized topics such as Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steel Production to boost the attendee’s understanding of theory and aspects of mechanisms used in steel products and translate this knowledge into practical engineering information.

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Onsite Workforce Development

Enhance your employees’ skills through customized training programs provided by experienced steel industry professionals. AIST will bring the ISA and other Technology Training, on general and specialized topics involved in the steel manufacturing process, conveniently onsite to your company's location.


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