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  • New Date Confirmed

    New Date Confirmed

    AISTech 2020 – The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition has been rescheduled for 31 August–3 September 2020 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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  • AIST Events and COVID-19

    AIST Events and COVID-19

    AIST’s top priority is focused on the health and safety of all participants at AIST events. AISTech 2020 has been rescheduled to 31 August – 3 September 2020. Please see our AIST events and COVID-19 page for additional updates.

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Sheet Processing and Finishing Lines—A Practical Training Seminar

27 Sep–01 Oct 2020 | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Overview of process lines, including — pickling, annealing, galvanizing, cleaning, plating, painting, skinpass rolling, leveling, slitting and special processes.

Continuous Casting – A Practical Training Seminar

13–15 Oct 2020 | Independence, Ohio, USA

This informative program targets the heart of steelmaking: the frontline operator. 

Environmental Solutions: Meeting EPA Air Emission Requirements

19–21 Oct 2020 | Southgate, Michigan, USA

Optimizing the resource-consuming processes and the environmental control systems that are typically found in steel mills.

The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel: 101

04–05 Nov 2020 | Warrendale, Pennsylvania, USA

The making, shaping, and treating of steel are critical to product design, application, cost and performance. 

Long Products Rolling – A Practical Training Seminar

09–11 Feb 2021 | San Antonio, Texas, USA

The primary focus is on the process and equipment customarily found in the rolling mill building. 

Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry

15–17 Mar 2021 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Digital Transformation is a critical component for steel companies’ future success. It is a broad concept with the potential to influence all aspects of the steelmaking process.


The Steel Shaft Driver is Back

For the last six years, every PGA Tour player has used a graphite shaft in his driver during competition. Graphite shafts are made with lightweight materials to help golfers pick up swing speed. Being that distance is crucial in golf, playing with steel driver shafts is seen as a competitive disadvantage in the modern game. But this all may be about to change.

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Monthly Journal

Ladle Metallurgy & Continuous Casting

2020 July Issue

Two Primetals Technologies LiquiRob systems were installed on casters CCM4 and CCM3 at BaoSteel Meishan. The project includes two robots performing shroud manipulation with the Safe Opening System (SOS) shroud, where oxygen lancing is included in the shroud. The systems provide tundish temperature measurement, O2 content measurement and steel sampling, as well as oxygen lancing and tundish powder handling.