• CHS2 2019

    2–5 June 2019 • House of Culture • Luleå, Sweden

    CHS<sup>2</sup> 2019

CHS2 2019
Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel

2–5 June 2019 • House of Culture • Luleå, Sweden

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Towards new frontiers in Research, Networking and Innovation

The area of hot sheet metal forming of high-performance steel, and high-performance materials in general, is in a phase of accelerated development and the industrial and research community within this field is growing all over the world. Since the innovation in Sweden in the 1970s, press hardening of ultra-high strength steels has become a global technology. The driving forces for this fast development, with focus on the automotive sector, are concern for the environment and passenger safety. Press hardening and related thermo-mechanical processes represent technologies with outstanding potential to meet global environmental challenges as well as the safety challenges within the transportation sector. What started as a niche technology has developed into a globally dominating automotive light-weight design strategy. However, inspired by the continuing success of the press hardening technology, researchers are looking for the next generation of materials for utilization in light-weight structures. Solutions with new materials for press hardening, new hot forming technologies of light-weight and high-performance materials as well as processes for hybrid materials such as steels and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites are in the pipe-line.

To fully support this potential of hot forming technologies, further innovations are essential. Research and Development both on academic as well as on industrial level is one of the most important prerequisites for continuing innovation.

The strategic cooperation between Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) and University of Kassel (Germany) have by the arrangement of the CHS2 conferences series established a worldwide unique competence network. The conferences have been held in both Europe and North-America with the aim to meet future challenges in materials utilization by the promotion of hot sheet metal forming technologies.