21–23 June 2022 • Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square • Pittsburgh, PA, USA


4th International Ingot Casting Rolling Forging (ICRF) Conference

21–23 June 2022 • Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square • Pittsburgh, Pa., USA

Tour of Ellwood Quality Steel, New Castle Complex and Universal Stainless
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Conference Scope

The purpose of ICRF 2022 is to provide a forum for presentations on metallurgical and technological developments for ingot casting and processing, with areas of interest ranging from vacuum and remelt processing, through casting and refractories, forging and rolling, to heat treating and quality evaluation.  Additional topics include modeling, which has seen widespread application to all areas of development and production, as well as the rise of Digitalization/Industry 4.0, which has started to transform the industry.

Who Should Attend

This conference is aimed at metallurgists, engineers, and operators from producers and suppliers involved in ferrous and non-ferrous operations, research and development, as well as professors, students, and researchers at universities and institutes.

Conference Topics

  • Metallurgy of Ingot Casting

  • Ingots and Molds

  • Refractory Technology

  • Ingot Casting Systems

  • Additives for Ingot Casting (e.g., Fluxes, Alloys, Inoculants)

  • Materials Development

  • Remelting (e.g., VAR, ESR) and Vacuum Processing Technologies

  • Hot and Cold Rolling

  • Forging of Ingots

  • Reheating and Thermal Processing of Ingots and Products (e.g., Microstructure Development, H Removal, Residual Stress)

  • Furnace Controls, Service and Maintenance

  • Ingot and Product Quality Assurance (e.g., Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Chemical Analysis, QA Measurements, Statistical Process Control)

  • Failure Analysis and Prevention

  • Modeling, Verification and Validation

  • Management of Production Scheduling and Logistics

  • Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 (e.g., Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning)

  • Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Control Safety

Sponsored by:

AIST’s Specialty Alloy and Foundry Technology Committee

Organized by:         

Andy Pinskey, Holland Manufacturing Corp.
Calum Learn, North American Forgemasters  
Konstantin Redkin, WHEMCO Inc.
Raymundo Ordonez, Ellwood Group Inc.
Rich Smith, Carpenter Technology
Thomas Wingens, Wingens LLC - International Industry Consulting

This announcement will serve as the first call for papers. Please submit abstracts of 150 words or less at AIST.org under Conferences & Expositions. Deadline for submission is 1 November 2021. Be sure to include the following information when submitting your abstract:

  • Author(s), Company Affiliation(s) and Job Title(s)

  • Contact Address: City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country

  • Contact Telephone Number and Email Address

  • Paper Title and Abstract (150 words or less)

Abstract Submission Deadline:
1 November 2021

Abstract Acceptance:
15 November 2021

Manuscript due Date:
15 February 2022