• Energy Reduction Fundamentals

    Steelmaking is an energy-intensive process with energy being the second-greatest cost of conversion.

    Energy Reduction Fundamentals

Energy Reduction Fundamentals in the Steel Industry

About the Program

Steelmaking is an energy-intensive process with energy being the second-greatest cost of conversion. Those that work in the steel industry should pay close attention to how their energy is being managed. Energy management and efficiency drives down costs and lowers plant emissions, especially carbon dioxide. This comprehensive training is designed to educate attendees on where to find energy-saving opportunities, what can be done to improve energy efficiency and how to realize savings within their operations.  The workshop will review and discuss best practices in energy management and explore leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The seminar is a joint effort between the AIST Energy & Utilities Technology Committee and individual subject experts in the steel industry.

After an introduction on energy management, individual subject experts will discuss various opportunities to save energy and improve efficiency with compressed air, fans, pumps, lighting, process heating, steam, and computational fluid dynamics modeling. On the final day of the workshop, attendees will have an opportunity to tour a state-of-the art automotive manufacturing facility which has been awarded multiple awards for their energy program by ENERGY STAR and the U.S. Department of Energy.  

Who Should Attend

Energy managers and engineers, facility managers, mechanical and electrical maintenance managers, project engineers and management personnel for plant utilities should consider attending this workshop. In addition, this workshop offers a great overview for new engineers, providing a basic understanding of energy-related aspects of utilities in steelmaking and a foundation to recognize and implement energy savings projects.

Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) Program

AIST recently launched the Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) program to encourage our members to help boost the next generation’s involvement in AIST and the steel industry. If you are an AIST member and are bringing a Young Professional (age 30 and under) to the conference, you can receive a free gift. All you have to do is enter their contact information on the registration form when you sign up for the conference. Find out more information about the program here.  

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AIST’s Energy & Utilities Technology Committee

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12–14 March 2024 • Nashville, TN, USA