• Energy and Utilities

    Energy is the second greatest cost of conversion in the steel industry.

    Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities Workshop - Roadmap to the Energy Efficient, Sustainable and Decarbonized Steel Industry

About the Program

Energy is the second greatest cost of conversion in the steel industry. Improving energy efficiency will not only drive down costs in the production of steel but it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This comprehensive training, with hands-on activities, has been developed to educate attendees on the key aspects of energy efficiency of important energy support systems and equipment in the steel production process. The seminar is a joint effort between the AIST Energy & Utilities Technology Committee, U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings, Better Plants Initiative and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s ENERGY STAR program.
The course will cover energy management, process heating, steam, compressed air and other motor-driven systems, along with an introduction to alternative energy options. The course will focus on the energy-efficiency and -saving aspects of each energy support system (utility) along with insights to improving reliability. Tools for energy calculations for specific utilities will be discussed. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, home of the world’s most powerful supercomputer and manufacturing demonstration facility (MDF), is an ideal location for the latest in technical equipment for hands-on training. As an example, the hands-on sessions will provide in-depth understanding of how motor/drive systems operate and can result in energy savings. 
In addition, there will be in-depth training related to overall plant energy savings programs, providing insights into what it takes to implement a long-term strategic plan. The instructors are nationally recognized experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as steel industry experts. Along with the energy efficiency topics, the training will also cover other decarbonization technology pillars such as electrification, low-carbon electricity and fuels, and carbon capture utilization and storage.
Attendees will also have an opportunity to see the latest technological developments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, including a tour of the world’s fastest supercomputer and the world’s largest concentration of 3D printing equipment. These aspects of the tour are intended to illustrate the opportunities available for collaborative research and for creating full-scale replacement parts via additive manufacturing.

Who Should Attend

The tools and programs presented will be beneficial to individuals or plants wanting to implement an energy and carbon optimization plan (long term or short term) in all areas of steel manufacturing. Energy managers and engineers, facility managers, electrical managers, and electrical project engineers and management personnel with oversight responsibility for plant utilities should consider this course. The workshop offers a great overview for new engineers, providing a basic understanding of energy and greenhouse gas emissions-related aspects of utilities in steelmaking and a foundation to recognize and implement energy savings projects.

Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) Program

AIST recently launched the Bring Your Own Young Professional (BYOYP) program to encourage our members to help boost the next generation’s involvement in AIST and the steel industry. If you are an AIST member and are bringing a Young Professional (age 30 and under) to the conference, you can receive a free gift. All you have to do is enter their contact information on the registration form when you sign up for the conference. Find out more information about the program here.  

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AIST’s Energy & Utilities Technology Committee

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14–17 March 2022 • Oak Ridge, TN, USA