Technology Committees

Antitrust guidelines

Antitrust Compliance. Antitrust law prohibits agreements or understandings between two or more individuals or businesses to regulate prices or quantities of goods and services, to allocate customers or territories, to hinder or limit a competitor or potential competitor’s operations, or otherwise unreasonably restrain business activity. Discriminatory pricing or servicing is also prohibited.

Every individual who participates in AIST meetings and activities should follow these guidelines:

  • DON’T discuss with other members your own or competitors’ prices, pricing procedures, or anything that might affect prices such as costs, discounts, terms of sale, or profit margins, or anticipated wage rates.
  • DON’T make announcements or statements about your own prices or those of competitors.
  • DON’T talk about what individual companies plan to do in particular markets or with particular customers.
  • DON’T disclose to others any competitively sensitive information.
  • DON’T propose or agree to any action intended to disadvantage or injure another company.
  • DON’T stay at a meeting or activity where any such anti-competitive talk occurs.
  • DO have an AIST staff person present at any meetings and insist on the agenda being followed and minutes kept.
  • DO confer with AIST staff before making any statement with competitive ramifications.

It is incumbent upon all AIST members to adhere to these guidelines to avoid putting all parties and their respective companies at risk for antitrust law violation.