Technology Committees

Cold Sheet Rolling Technology Committee Activities

The GTC and CSRTC held a joint meeting 31 August 2022, Quéretaro, Mexico.
The GTC and CSRTC held a joint meeting in conjunction with Expo Acero 2022. There were about 75 attendees comprising both international and domestic nationals from steel-producing and supplier companies. The presentations covered a variety of subjects, including: coil joining at cold mills and galvanizing lines; controlling/mastering strip shape; in-line monitoring and/or control systems; cold rolling solution maintenance/chemical cleaning at continuous galvanizing lines (CGLs); automated surface inspection systems and quality management systems; and an overview of Nucor-JFE’s CGL.
Special thanks go to Nucor-JFE for hosting a mill tour of their facility.

The GTC and CSRTC toured Nucor-JFE Mexico.
Brian Smith (left) presented the CSRTC service plaque to
Ken Peter (right).

The CSRTC met 17 May 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair and Education Chair: Brian Smith  /  ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc.

  • Vice Chair: Katie Behrendt  /  Nucor Steel–Arkansas

  • Papers and Education Chair: William Hartley  /  Quaker Houghton

  • Roundup Chair and Digital Transformation Liaison: Ken Hutter  /  Belden-Hutter

  • Membership Chair: Sean McHugh  /  Vollmer America

  • Young Professional Chair: Andrew Carto  /  Vollmer America

  • Decarbonization Liaison: Deni Bellai  /  Hugo MIEBACH GmbH

The CSRTC met 24–25 March 2022, Indianapolis, Ind., USA
CSRTC Roundup chair and digital transformation liaison Ken Hutter opened and led the meeting for the 28 members in attendance. The group discussed the latest Steel Industry Fatalities report, reviewed its four sessions at AISTech 2022 and took nominations for 2022–2023 CSRTC officers.
Next, Hutter reviewed the status of the 2022 AIST Cold Mill Roundup. Mark Zipf and Dan Cullen volunteered to help with collecting the data.
The 2023 Cold Rolling Fundamentals Technology Training Conference was discussed, with the tentative plans made for third week of February 2023 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, with Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Southwest-Sinton Division serving as host plant.
CSRTC Young Professional chair Andrew Carto updated the group on the activities of the AIST Young Professional Recruitment Subcommittee, including the recent Young Professionals and Board of Directors Virtual Mentor Mixer.
The remainder of the meeting featured a program of technical presentations on the topic of pickling.

  • “Pickling Overview,” by Mark Wellensiek, Falk PLI, and Liz Abreu, Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Southwest-Sinton Division.

  • “Steel Pickling — Reactions, Environmental, Inhibitors,” by Zhuangfei Zhou, Cleveland-Cliffs Middletown Works.

  • “Pickling New Technologies,” by Matt Galbraith, Fives ST Corp.

  • “Sidetrimming Mechanics and Cut Edge Quality,” by Brian Shaw and Jim Robbins, ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc.

  • “Material Defects at the Pickle Line,” by Kevin Skero, Nucor Steel–Berkeley.

  • “Hot-Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) Products,” by Liz Abreu.

The following day, the committee enjoyed a tour of Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Heartland Division.

The Cold Sheet Rolling Technology Committee (CSRTC) met 24–25 March 2022 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
Members of the CSRTC toured Steel Dynamics Inc. – Flat Roll Group Heartland Division on 25 March 2022.

The CSRTC Met 16 September 2021, Mobile, Ala., USA.
Brian Smith, CSRTC papers chair, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Each attendee discussed the safety precautions and procedures at their workplaces regarding current COVID practices.
The 10 AISTech 2022 Cold Rolling abstracts that have been received were discussed. The members then reviewed its AISTech Call for Papers text and changed it slightly to include surface quality.
 The Cold Mill Roundup was reviewed. The roundup is scheduled for publication in the February 2022 issue of Iron & Steel Technology. The CSRTC will continue to make improvements to the roundup as feedback from the industry is received.
The 2021 Cold Rolling Technology Training conference was reviewed. The conference had 67 attendees and was well received. The next Cold Rolling Technology Training conference will be scheduled for February 2023.

Brian Smith (left) presented the CSRTC service plaque to Ken Peter (right) at AISTech 2021.

The CSRTC met 30 June 2021, Nashville, TN USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Ken Peter, Cleveland-Cliffs Research and Innovation Center

  • Vice Chair: Steve Musial, SMS group Inc.

  • Papers and Education Chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Metals USA Inc.

  • Roundup Chair and Digital Transformation Liaison: Ken Hutter, Belden-Hutter

  • Membership Chair: Sean McHugh, Vollmer America

  • Young Professional Chair: Andrew Carto, Vollmer America

The CSRTC held a virtual meeting 27 April 2021.
The 2020 Steel Industry Fatalities Report was reviewed, which led into a safety discussion.
Brian Smith reported that the CSRTC had three sessions organized for AISTech 2021. Smith also gave an update on the Cold Rolling Fundamentals Training Conference, scheduled for 13–16 September 2021 in Mobile, Ala., USA.
Ken Hutter reported on the Cold Sheet Mill Roundup. The updated roundup data is due by 1 October 2021 for publication in the February 2022 issue of Iron & Steel Technology.
Hutter reported that the Digital Transformation subcommittee has assembled several core subject papers and offer them on as reference learning materials.

  • Ken Peter’s “Tinplate Production Process Overview” described the tinplate production process from hot rolling through finishing, along with a description of typical product applications for tinplate sheet. He also described work roll bearing failure issues being experienced on a 2-stand single reducing mill citing that axial thrust issues as likely contributors. A discussion of potential causes of axial thrust such as roll alignments, chock clearances and roll profiles prompted additional comments from several CSRTC members.

  • Steve Musial gave a presentation on chock maintenance, citing chock dimensional and operational maintenance considerations along with representative measurements and evaluation concepts. He followed that with a work roll bearing maintenance presentation. Bearing maintenance requirements were discussed for roller bearings. Additional discussion of certain oil film bearing maintenance considerations was also provided.

The CSRTC held a virtual meeting 21 October 2020.
Brian Smith
reviewed AISTech 2021 session development, which includes at least two CSRTC sessions so far. Session chair volunteers were requested.
The next Cold Rolling Fundamentals training seminar will be held in Mobile, Ala., USA, in the fall of 2021 and will be co-located with the Electrical Engineering 101 training conference. Requests for plant tours in the Mobile area have been sent.
The CSRTC discussed three webinars it is planning: “CSM Vibration Mitigation,” “AGC Control” and “Gauge Performance.” 

The CSRTC held a virtual meeting 29 April 2020.
The CSRTC held a virtual meeting with Ken Peter, CSRTC chair, serving as host. Brian Smith reviewed the four CSRTC sessions scheduled for AISTech 2020 and the role of session chairs. Smith also reviewed the 2020 Cold Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar, which took place the first week of March 2020 in Charleston, S.C., USA, and included a tour of Nucor Steel–Berkeley. The next edition of the seminar will take place in the fall of 2021 with a location to be determined.
Ken Hutter gave a status report on the AIST Cold Mill Roundup currently in development.
The committee finished their virtual meeting by electing their 2020–2021 officers. The new CSRTC officers are:

  • Chair: Ken Peter, AK Steel Research and Innovation Center.

  • Vice chair: Steve Musial, SMS group Inc.

  • Papers chair and education chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.

  • Roundup chair: Ken Hutter, Belden-Hutter.

  • Membership chair: Sean McHugh, Vollmer America.

  • Young Professional chair: Andrew Carto, Vollmer America.

The CSRTC met 21–22 January 2020, Pittsburg, Calif., USA.
The CSRTC started its meeting with a review of its upcoming AISTech 2020 sessions.
Ken Hutter, CSRTC Roundup chair, reported on the status of AIST Cold Mill Roundup, which is currently in development.
Brian Smith, CSRTC Technology Training Conference co-chair, reported on 2019 AIST Leadership Conference. He also previewed the upcoming Cold Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar, which took place 1–5 March 2020 in Charleston, S.C., USA.
Liz Hunter, CSRTC Technology Training Conference co-chair, provided an update on the Young Professional recruitment subcommittee.


  • “Safety Presentation — USS-POSCO,” by Freddy Ripoli, USS-POSCO Industries.

  • “How to Manage and Improve Sidetrim Quality AHSS,” by Brian Shaw, ANDRITZ ASKO Inc.

  •  Visual System of Sidewall Quality,” by Eric Almquist, Star Tool & Die Works Inc.

  •  “Alternative Options of Chrome Plating of Work Rolls, Coating Technology for Work Roll Applications,” by Erson Ilgar, Maxterial.

  • “Lubrication and Rolling of AHSS,” by Will Hartley, Quaker Houghton.

  • “Shape Control in 6-High Mills,” by Mark Zipf, SMS group Inc.

  • “Application of Laser Technologies for Laser Welding and Coil Joining,” by Deni Bellai, Hugo Miebach GmbH.

Alonza Lewis and Markus Boro of USS-POSCO Industries also presented an overview of the plant and its tinplating operations, which the CSRTC toured the next day.

CSRTC papers chair Brian Smith (left), ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc., and vice chair Steve Musial (right), SMS group Inc., present a plaque of appreciation to Alonza Lewis (center), USS-POSCO, for hosting the committee’s visit on 22 January 2020.


The CSRTC, GTC and SSC met 4–5 September 2019, Louisville, Ky., USA.
The committees reviewed their AISTech technical session development. Brian Smith, CSRTC papers chair, spoke about the abstracts submitted thus far and encouraged all to continue submitting abstracts. Committee leadership also polled the attendees for volunteers for session chairs for AISTech 2020. 
Gary Dallin, GTC education chair, provided a quick review of upcoming MS&T papers related to hot-dip galvanizing and reminded all about Galvatech 2020.
The discussion then focused on the 2020 European Galvanizing Study Tour, which will take place on 14–20 June 2020. The Study Tour will conclude just before Galvatech 2020.
Liz Hunter, CSRTC Technology Training Conference chair, provided an overview of the Young Professional Steering Committee. The steering committee aims to foster an enhanced experience for Young Professionals within the steel industry. As part of AIST’s efforts to engage Young Professionals, a Young Professionals’ Roundtable is held annually at AISTech to seek ideas and actions.
Gary Dallin reminded everyone that the North American Galvanizing Lines Roundup information is available at A Cold Sheet Rolling Roundup is under development, with Ken Hunter leading this effort.
Chris Winger gave an overview of the Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Flat Roll Group Jeffersonville Plant. Today SDI has nine continuous galvanizing lines. A tenth is being added at the Columbus facility, with an eleventh to be built at the new plant in Texas.


  • “Flatness Measurement” and “Continuous Measuring of Strip Temperature Distribution of Cold Strip,” by Brian Smith of ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco.

  • “Flatness Influence in Galvanizing Lines,” by Mikael Johansson of ABB.

  • “Coating Weight Measuring Technologies,” by Chris Burnett of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

  • “Defect Detection From Cold Mill Through Galvanizing Line” and “Expert 5i Data Tools and SQMS Solutions,” by Greg Gutmann of ISRA Vision Parsytec.

  • “Inspection Lighting Systems,” by Tim Dixon of Unilux.

  • “Automated Vision Inspection Systems,” by Chris Miller and Mark Cornell of Schenk Vision.

  • “Evolving Quality Analysis Using Multi-Sensor Technology,” by Breck Lewis and Manfred Hyak of AMETEK.

  • “Eyeron™ — A Metallurgist-Focused Advanced Real-Time Quality Management Software,” by Jean-Paul Nauzin of Fives.

  • “Strip Cleanliness,” by Will Hartley of Quaker Houghton.

Jeremy Rydberg (left) and Nikhil Kulkarni (right) were presented with plaques of appreciation for hosting the tours of Atlas Machine & Supply Inc. and Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Flat Roll Group Jeffersonville Plant during the joint meeting of the CSRTC, GTC and SSC.

The CSRTC met 6 May 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

Chair: Ken Peter, AK Steel Research and Innovation Center

Papers chair: Steve Musial, SMS group Inc.

Papers chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.

Training co-chairs: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc., and Liz Hunter, Nucor Steel–Berkeley

The CSRTC met 19–20 March 2019, Dearborn, Mich., USA. The CSRTC’s meeting began with a review of the AIST Steel Industry Fatalities report and a roundtable discussion on safety. 
The committee reviewed its sessions for AISTech 2019 and the roles of session chair and papers chair were re-emphasized. Nominations for committee officers for the 2019–2020 term were gathered. 
The committee then discussed the creation of a Cold Mill Roundup to be published in a future issue of Iron & Steel Technology. Volunteers were solicited to gather data for the Roundup.
Brian Smith reviewed the 2018 Cold Rolling Fundamentals — A Practical Training Seminar, which was held in September 2018 in Huntsville, Ala., USA, in conjunction with the System Automation Fundamentals training course. The seminar was sold out with a total of 128 attendees. Members who attended the seminar gave feedback on the structure and content of the course and the committee then discussed plans for the next iteration of the course. Locations and dates are to be determined but the course is slated for winter/spring 2020.
Ken Hutter volunteered to be the CSRTC representative at the AIST Digital Transformation Task Force meeting, which took place at AISTech 2019. 
The following presentations were given: 

  • “High-Strength X-Grades Coil Strapping,” by Edward McGinty, Titan Strapping Systems.

  • “Laser Measurement for the Steel Industry,” by Bridget Darby.

  • “Plant Tour Overview (Pickling and Tandem Cold Rolling Technologies),” by Shin Ozeni, Primetals Technologies USA.

The committee then brainstormed potential locations for their fall 2019 meeting. Locations discussed included U. S. Steel – Mon Valley Works, Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel LP, Nucor Steel–Berkeley, Nucor Steel–Indiana, ArcelorMittal Cleveland and North American Stainless.
The next day, the CSRTC toured AK Steel – Dearborn Works’ pickling line and tandem cold mill. Special thanks to U. S. Steel – Gary Works for providing additional personal protective equipment for the committee.

Alex Green (left), AK Steel – Dearborn Works, accepted a plaque of appreciation from Sean McHugh (right), Vollmer America Inc., for hosting the CSRTC’s plant tour on 20 March 2019.

The CSRTC met 28 August 2018, Farrell, PA, USA. Ken Peter, AK Steel Corp., was nominated for the CSRTC vice chair position at the meeting, and accepted the position.  
The CSRTC reviewed and discussed the 2018 Steel Industry Fatalities statistics.
Steve Musial, papers chair, presented a comprehensive study of the incoming abstracts being submitted for AISTech 2019. He noted that at least three sessions can be filled, with additional content for up to two more. The three main topics would be Developments, Process Improvements and Quality.
Discussion about the upcoming AIST Leadership Conference was held. The conference takes place on 5–7 November in New Orleans, La., USA.
A roundup for the CSRTC was discussed. Ken Hutter of Belden-Hutter Inc. volunteered to be the roundup chair.          
Brian Smith and Liz Hunter, Cold Rolling Fundamentals Training Seminar planning co-chairs, detailed the presentations that were to be held at the sold-out Cold Rolling Fundamentals seminar in September.
The following presenters spoke:

  • Mark Zipf of Cold Rolling Technologies Inc. used a historical collection of mill images that have been archived since the original installation in 1965, along with recent equipment performance studies to explain the general nature of the Sendzimir mill equipment, and the specific nature of the machine installed at the NLMK Pennsylvania plant. This led the attendees through the operating characteristics and the precise shape control possibilities inherent in this type of rolling mill before visiting the Sendzimir mill.

  • Will Hartley of Quaker Chemical talked about lubrication differences between a Sendzimir Z-mill and a normal 4-high rolling mill stand, and the two main categories of typical Send­zimir mill lubrication systems. He highlighted some established technical specifications used for the selection of various lubricant products.

In the afternoon, the CSRTC toured the cold rolling operations at NLMK Pennsylvania, featuring a 5-stand dms-Bliss cold mill, and a separate single-stand Waterbury-Farrel Sendzimir Z-mill.

Above: Frank Fonner (left), director of quality and metallurgical engineering at NLMK Pennsylvania, was presented with a plaque of appreciation by CSRTC chair Bob Waldron (right), Nucor Steel–Berkeley.

The CSRTC met 7 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Robert Waldron, Nucor Steel–Berkeley

  • Papers chair: Steve Musial, SMS group Inc.

  • Education chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.

The CSRTC and EUTC met 25 October 2017, Smyrna, Tenn., USA. The CSRTC and EUTC had the opportunity to meet and have a joint safety roundtable discussion. Afterwards, they split into their respective groups for individual committee business.
The CSRTC reviewed its AISTech 2018 session layouts and was able to secure volunteers to serve as session chairs. The group also discussed holding a Cold Rolling Technology Training course in September 2018 in conjunction with the System Automation Fundamentals training class. The organizing group, made up of Brian Smith, Chris Burnett, Mark Blankeneau and Liz Hunter, is working on adjusting the format to include a more advanced track.
The EUTC also discussed its AISTech 2018 session layouts and secured volunteers to serve as session chairs. The group had a productive discussion about how to bring value to the end users in a steel mill and how to encourage attendance at committee meetings. The EUTC plans to host a webinar the first week of January 2018 to discuss interpreting steel mill utility bills. An additional purpose to this webinar is to drive interest for their upcoming meetings. The group also discussed the winner of the Energy Achievement Award. The award will be presented at the next EUTC meeting.

Robert Waldron (left) presented Michael VanBibber (right) with the CSRTC service plaque.

The CSRTC met 8 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Robert Waldron, Nucor Steel–Berkeley

  • Vice chair: Ken Peter, AK Steel Corp. – Middletown Works

  • Papers chair: Ron Devoe, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

The CSRTC and RTC met 31 August—1 September 2016, Terre Haute, IN, USA. The committees reviewed the 2016 Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion. Terry Boyd, RTC chair, gave a presentation on safety practices and improvements at Nucor Steel–Arkansas.

The group split into separate rooms to work on committee-specific items. Both committees reviewed their AISTech 2017 paper sessions, selected session chairs, finalized their AISTech 2018 Call for Papers verbiage and discussed items to be brought up at the AIST Leadership Conference.
The RTC selected volunteers to select the recipient of the Rolls Technology Award for Best Paper. The committee also created a subcommittee for the creation of a Roll Shop Roundup.
The CSRTC nominated and confirmed Bob Waldron of Nucor Steel–Berkeley as its vice chair.
The committees rejoined for a networking lunch followed by technical presentations in the afternoon.

The following presentations were given:

  • “Roll Cooling,” by Oldair Sasso, Spraying Systems Co.

  • “Forged HSS Roll Technology,” by Jim Slawinski, Union Electric Åkers.

  • “Quality Improvements & Energy Optimization,” by Adam Trinks, Silvent.

  • A plant overview as given by Brock Miller, CSN.

The meeting concluded the following day with a full tour of CSN’s cold sheet rolling facility in Terre Haute.

Terry Boyd (right), RTC chair, presented Brock Miller (left) with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the CSRTC’s and RTC’s tour of CSN.
The CSRTC service plaque was presented to Matt Baur (left to right): Mike VanBibber, Baur and David Price.

The CSRTC met 16 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Mike VanBibber, TMEIC Corp.

  • Papers chair: David Price, ArcelorMittal