Technology Committees

Electrical Applications Technology Committee Activities

The SSSC had a virtual meeting 13 May 2020.
The Sensor Systems Subcommittee began their meeting with a review of their mission statement and the AISTech 2021 Call for Papers.
The committee then discussed the role of sensors in the digital transformation of the steel industry and whether the SSSC should be reclassified from a subcommittee of Electrical Applications to subcommittee of Digitalization Applications.
The SSSC then elected the following officers for 2020–2021:

  • Chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco Inc.

  • Vice chair: Karl Kessler, AK Steel – Dearborn Works.

The EATC had a virtual meeting 6 May 2020.
The EATC meeting began with a review of the committee mission statement and the AISTech 2021 Call for Papers.
The following committee officers for the 2020–2021 term were elected:

  • Chair and digitalization liaison: Ramesh Khajjayam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC.

  • Vice chair: Tim Burttram, Big River Steel.

  • Papers chair: Poojit Lingam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC.

  • Education chair: Kevin Bort, TMEIC.

  • Young Professional liaison: Casey Davis, Primetals Technologies USA LLC.

The discussion at this meeting brought renewed focus to areas of prior interest. One earlier topic is the potential development of a basics course in electrical engineering for the steel industry. Work is now underway to reconvene the current set of team members who are advancing this subject. New volunteers are also expressing interest in joining this educational effort.
Tom Dionise brought an update to AIST which was based on his involvement with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Since October 2019, IEEE has established a formal subcommittee for the purpose of working on an AIST-IEEE Industry Applications Society joint effort.

The EATC and DATC jointly met 20–21 February 2020, Dallas, Texas, USA.

  • Scott Christensen, Graymatter, presented “Cyber­security and IIoT.”

  • Osvaldo Bascur, OSB Digital, presented “Digital Transformation in the Steel Industry.”

  • David Kober, iba America, presented “A Hybrid Approach to Industrial Analytics.”

  • Michael Peintinger, QuinLogic, presented “Industry 4.0 — From Reactive to Proactive Quality Assurance.”

Meeting Highlights:
For AISTech 2020, session chairs were encouraged to contact/confirm authors assigned to their sessions.
Kober, outgoing DATC Young Professional chair, requested attendees consider candidates for the position within their Technology Committees.
Jim Hendrickson and Ramesh Khajjayam announced the plans for officer succession for the DATC and EATC, respectively, which will be approved during AISTech.
The last Systems Automation Fundamentals conference was held in September 2018, and while there are currently no plans to organize that training seminar again in the near future, the EATC is planning another training seminar called Electrical 101 to be held in 2021.
The committees reviewed the AIST Steel Industry Fatalities report and discussed a Young Professional Member Conference and the idea of virtual meetings.

José R. Favilla (holding plaque), worldwide director, industry solutions, industrial products, IBM, was presented with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the DATC and EATC’s tour of IBM.

The EATC met 15–16 October 2019, Tuscaloosa, Ala., USA.
Poojit Lingam reviewed the EATC’s abstracts for AISTech 2020. The session structure was established, with the possibility of a joint session with the Digitalization Applications Technology Committee.
The roles of papers chair and session chair were reviewed, along with key dates for submitting papers for the AISTech 2020 Conference Proceedings.
The committee was tasked with reviewing and possibly modifying the EATC’s Call for Papers text for AISTech 2021 to include digital applications.
Ramesh Khajjayam gave an update on the ongoing cooperative effort between the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, METC and the EATC. The goal is to have a standard in the next 12 months.
Poojit Lingam then led the discussion concerning planning for the 2020 Farrington Award. The best paper from the EATC sessions at AISTech 2019 was chosen as the 2020 Farrington Award winner. The award will be presented during AISTech 2020 in Cleveland.
The EATC reviewed the 2019 AIST Steel Industry Fatalities report and trends.

  • “Nucor Technical Academy,” by Justin Knight, Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

  • “Young Professionals Development — A Case Study,” by Tim Burttram, Big River Steel.

  • “Innovation and Education: The Benefits of Collaboration Between Academia and Industry,” by Tyamo Okosun, Purdue University Northwest.

Ramesh Khajjayam presented Randy Skagen, vice president and general manager of Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. and AIST past president, with a plaque of appreciation for hosting the EATC’s tour (left to right): Poojit Lingam, EATC vice chair Tim Burttram, Chris Brubeck, Skagen, Khajjayam, Justin Knight, Greg Gutmann and Tyamo Okosun.

The CSRTC, GTC and SSC met 4–5 September 2019, Louisville, Ky., USA.
The committees reviewed their AISTech technical session development. Brian Smith, CSRTC papers chair, spoke about the abstracts submitted thus far and encouraged all to continue submitting abstracts. Committee leadership also polled the attendees for volunteers for session chairs for AISTech 2020. 
Gary Dallin, GTC education chair, provided a quick review of upcoming MS&T papers related to hot-dip galvanizing and reminded all about Galvatech 2020.
The discussion then focused on the 2020 European Galvanizing Study Tour, which will take place on 14–20 June 2020. The Study Tour will conclude just before Galvatech 2020.
Liz Hunter, CSRTC Technology Training Conference chair, provided an overview of the Young Professional Steering Committee. The steering committee aims to foster an enhanced experience for Young Professionals within the steel industry. As part of AIST’s efforts to engage Young Professionals, a Young Professionals’ Roundtable is held annually at AISTech to seek ideas and actions.
Gary Dallin reminded everyone that the North American Galvanizing Lines Roundup information is available at A Cold Sheet Rolling Roundup is under development, with Ken Hunter leading this effort.
Chris Winger gave an overview of the Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Flat Roll Group Jeffersonville Plant. Today SDI has nine continuous galvanizing lines. A tenth is being added at the Columbus facility, with an eleventh to be built at the new plant in Texas.


  • “Flatness Measurement” and “Continuous Measuring of Strip Temperature Distribution of Cold Strip,” by Brian Smith of ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco.

  • “Flatness Influence in Galvanizing Lines,” by Mikael Johansson of ABB.

  • “Coating Weight Measuring Technologies,” by Chris Burnett of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

  • “Defect Detection From Cold Mill Through Galvanizing Line” and “Expert 5i Data Tools and SQMS Solutions,” by Greg Gutmann of ISRA Vision Parsytec.

  • “Inspection Lighting Systems,” by Tim Dixon of Unilux.

  • “Automated Vision Inspection Systems,” by Chris Miller and Mark Cornell of Schenk Vision.

  • “Evolving Quality Analysis Using Multi-Sensor Technology,” by Breck Lewis and Manfred Hyak of AMETEK.

  • “Eyeron™ — A Metallurgist-Focused Advanced Real-Time Quality Management Software,” by Jean-Paul Nauzin of Fives.

  • “Strip Cleanliness,” by Will Hartley of Quaker Houghton.

Jeremy Rydberg (left) and Nikhil Kulkarni (right) were presented with plaques of appreciation for hosting the tours of Atlas Machine & Supply Inc. and Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) – Flat Roll Group Jeffersonville Plant during the joint meeting of the CSRTC, GTC and SSC.

The EATC met 7 May 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

Chair: Donald Hughes, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC

Vice chair: Ramesh Khajjayam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

Papers co-chairs: Tim Burttram, Big River Steel, and Poojit Lingam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

The EATC and Sensors Subcommittee met 25 March 2019, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA. The joint committee meeting began with a review of the AIST Steel Industry Fatalities report, followed by a safety roundtable discussion. 
Papers chair Ramesh Khajjayam reviewed the committees’ sessions for AISTech 2019. The roles of session chair and papers chair were reviewed.
Nominations for 2019–2020 committee officers were solicited.
The winners of the 2019 James Farrington Award were announced. The award was presented at AISTech 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA.
The EATC reviewed the 2018 Systems Automation Fundamentals course, which took place in September 2018 in conjunction with Cold Rolling Fundamentals. Chris Burnett and Donald Hughes then discussed the committee’s new training course, debuting in 2020, Introduction to Electrical Engineering. The new course will alternate years with Systems Automation Fundamentals. In the spring of 2020, Systems Automation Fundamentals will be co-located with the Cold Rolling Fundamentals course. 
Liwei Zhang, Donald Hughes and Chris Burnett then reviewed the strategic initiatives presented during the 2018 AIST Leadership Conference. They also reported on the activities of the Digital Transformation Task Force, including the inaugural Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry, which took place in March  2019.
Donald Hughes presented ideas for an increased university-level presence for electrical engineering students, including a university version of the AIST Road Show. He presented information showing that the existing student chapters, the Steel to Students program and the AIST Foundation Pizza Grants are all tied to the Material Advantage program, which mainly targets students in materials science and metallurgy and not necessarily the other engineering disciplines such as electrical, computer and mechanical.
Finally, the EATC’s fall 2019 meeting was discussed, with Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc. suggested as a possible location. The main focus topics will be women in steel, university relations and young professionals. The results of this meeting will be used to create a presentation for the 2019 AIST Leadership Conference. 

David Durocher (center) of Eaton was presented with a plaque of appreciation from EATC vice chair Don Hughes (left), Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC, and CATC chair Yufeng Wang (right), SSAB Iowa.

The EATC and CATC met 11–12 October 2018, Warrendale, PA,  USA.
The two meetings were held concurrently at AIST headquarters.
Each committee reviewed the Steel Industry Fatalities statistics, followed by a discussion.
The CATC’s and EATC’s papers chairs each sorted the AISTech 2019 abstracts for those that could be presented jointly in a separate Digital Transformation session.
David Kober, IBA America LLC, and Madison Mabry, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC, each volunteered to chair the Young Professionals activities for the CATC and EATC, respectively.
For the CATC, Mike Dudzic gave an update on the Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA, on 26–28 March 2019. The forum will include two keynote speakers, presentations that give practical applications and a roundtable discussion.
Ramesh Khajjayam, EATC papers chair, discussed the Farrington Award selection process. He talked about the purpose of the subcommittee and how this year’s selection team will be recruited.
Christopher Burnett reviewed the Systems Automation Technology Training conference for the EATC and gave an update on the Digital Transformation Forum for the Steel Industry. The EATC then explored ideas on how to engage the newest professionals in the electrical engineering population with a fundamentals course, using past motors and drives conferences as a guide for content.
The following day, presentations were given at the Eaton Power Systems Experience Center:

  • “Experiences of an Existing Industrial Facility: The Journey to Become Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Ready,” by Lyle Sprinkle of Eaton.

  • “Protection and Control for the Power Systems in the Digital Age,” Ramesh Khajjayam, Primetals Technologies.

  • “Steel Dynamics’ Bold Upgrade of Galvanizing Line No. 1,” by Tom Richards of TMEIC (see this technical paper on pages 72–79 of this issue of Iron & Steel Technology).

  • “Using AI Modeling for Predictive Quality and Routing,” by Scott Wilson of PSI Metals GmbH.

That afternoon, both committees toured the Eaton Power Systems Experience Center, a hands-on demonstration center for many of the products and applications servicing the users community of power distribution and control.

Donald Hughes (left) and Ramesh Khajjayam (right) presented Liwei Zhang (center) with the EATC service plaque at AISTech 2018.

The EATC met 8 May 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Liwei Zhang, ArcelorMittal USA Research Laboratories

  • Vice chair: Donald Hughes, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC

  • Papers chair: Ramesh Khajjayam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

The EATC met 7 November 2017, Northbrook, Ill., USA. The SSSC discussed the AISTech 2018 technical session development. Papers chair Chris Burnett reported that he and the Electrical Applications Technology Committee (EATC) papers chair reviewed nearly 30 abstracts and have developed five sessions.
The SSSC reviewed the Call for Papers topics for AISTech 2019. The EATC had reviewed the text and made no changes were made; the SSSC did not have any changes either.
Discussion followed on Technology Committee Award planning, specifically the criteria for the Farrington Award, and the need for transparency with respect to any paper chair or session chair voting for their own paper or a paper from their company.  The appearance of unbiased evaluation needs to be maintained. The scoring parameters and weighting also need to be reviewed. The SSSC will prepare a new proposed evaluation criteria.
The SSSC discussed the Systems Automation Fundamentals training course, which will be held the week of 9 September 2018. The location is still being discussed, but Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC has agreed to provide a tour. Presenters have been contacted and most have replied positively. The training agenda may be adjusted to accommodate more discussions on Industry 4.0.
Three presentations were given on digitalization trends in the steel mill:

  • Chris Burnett presented an overview of the digital transformation paper written by Dan Milklovic from LNS Research, distributed by SAP. He also incorporated Primetals’ “metals orchestra,” and slides from BFI on Industry 4.0. The takeaway was that other industries are realizing efficiencies and savings with digitalization. In order to stay competitive, the steel industry needs to consider how Industry 4.0 can help.

  • Pat Gallagher presented a summary of security concerns with the Industrial Internet of Things and connecting sensors and instruments to the internet without planning the hardware architecture. Inadequate firewalls can lead to vulnerabilities that can impact product quality, mill profitability and worker safety.

  • Ken Modeste from UL LLC provided an informative presentation on the new UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program 2900 Standard and how it applies to all networked devices, from consumer goods to industrial instruments.

UL was encouraged to submit an abstract so that this presentation could be included at AISTech 2018 in the EATC’s Industry 4.0 session. While many presentations on this subject are high-level overviews, the UL presentation offered some detailed actions that automation suppliers can take to protect the connectivity, mobility and data their systems collect and use.
Next SSSC Meeting: Joint meeting with the EATC and CATC, 20–21 March 2018, Memphis, Tenn., USA, with a tour of Big River Steel. The technical topic will be Digitization/Industrial Internet of Things.

SSSC chair Dave Woodward (right) presented a plaque of appreciation to Radhika Chaturvedi (left) for hosting a tour of UL LLC (left to right): Craig Moore, Chris Burnett, Greg Gutmann, Chaturvedi, Woodward, Pat Gallagher, Eric Huelson and Bill Grant.

The EATC met 5 October 2017, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. The EATC meeting was co-located with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Industrial Applications Society (IAS) annual meeting.
Papers chair Ramesh Khajjayam discussed the EATC’s AISTech 2018 technical program development, which consists of five sessions. Session chairs were also identified.
The AISTech 2019 Call for Papers topics for next year were reviewed and a few additional topics were suggested.
Candidates for the Farrington Award were identified, with the final selection process to be completed by the end of October 2017.
The EATC reviewed the System Automation Fundamentals training course held in March 2017 and began planning for the next iteration of the course, which is scheduled for fall of 2018.
Also discussed were the AIST Foundation Electrical Engineering Grant and potential relationships/collaborations between AIST and IEEE IAS. Various locations and topics for future meetings were also proposed.

Liwei Zhang (left) presented a plaque of appreciation to Joel Payne (right) for hosting the EATC’s tour of Nucor Steel Gallatin.
  Liwei Zhang (left) presented David Mazur (right) with the EATC service plaque.

The EATC met 9 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn., USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Liwei Zhang, ArcelorMittal USA Research Laboratories

  • Vice chair: Donald Hughes, Nucor Steel–Decatur LLC

  • Papers chair: Ramesh Khajjayam, Primetals Technologies USA LLC

The EATC, CATC and SSSC met 27–28 October 2016, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA. The first day of the meeting consisted of a tour of Rockwell Automation and the following technical presentations:

  • “Industrial Network Architecture Overview and Best Practice Network Design,” by Pat Gallagher, Management Science Associates Inc.

  • “Security Infrastructure: Physical, IT and Data Security,” by Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Lab Overview Connected Enterprise Demo,” by Mike Miller, Rockwell Automation.

  • “Reporting, Archiving, Analytics, Cloud Overview and Best Practices,” by Francois Pelletier-Bouchard,

  • OSIsoft.

  • “The ‘Things’ of the Industrial Internet of Things,” by Len Kosatka, Rockwell Automation.

The committees reconvened the following day and held the first portion of the meeting together to discuss AIST business and topics of general interest before breaking out into their respective groups.
There was discussion on the next System Automation Fundamentals Technology Training Conference, which will be held 6–9 March 2017 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
AISTech 2017 abstract selections and technical session layouts were addressed.
The 2017 AIST Computer Applications Best Paper Award winners were selected. This award will be presented at the CATC meeting at AISTech 2017.

Perry Zalevsky (left) and Chris Burnett (center) presented a plaque of appreciation to Mike Miller (right) for hosting a tour at Rockwell Automation for the Electrical Applications Technology Committee, Computer Applications Technology Committee and Sensor Systems Subcommittee.
Dave Mazur (left) presented the EATC service plaque to
Sean Marlow (right).

The EATC met 17 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Dave Mazur, Rockwell Automation

  • Vice chair: Liwei Zhang, ArcelorMittal USA Research Laboratories

  • Papers chair: Marcelo CardosoArcelorMittal USA

The Sensor Systems Subcommittee (SSSC) met 17 May 2016, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair: Chris Burnett, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Vice chair: David Woodward, Nidec Avtron Automation

  • Papers chair: Brian Smith, ANDRITZ METALS